Efficient office interior design

  • By Laura Loohuis
  • Friday, September 13, 2019

Why is a good office arrangement so important? Which design is the most efficient? And what aspects do you have to take into account? We’ll help you find an answer about every office interior design related question you may have.

The interior of an office and creating a great work environment is getting more and more important every day. A successful interior design creates more interaction, productivity and even a more positive work attitude. That’s why it’s so important to get a good interior design. And yes, workspaces are important but the social area is crucial as well. An efficient interior design makes sure that all the users needs are taking care of. In doing so, everybody can work in the most efficient way possible.

The importance of an efficient office design

A new way of working and developments in the proptech busines are two key factors why offices these days differ from the traditional ones. Nowadays offices enhance the productivity. In addition to this, the satisfaction rate of the employees is also very important. To create such an environment, a change in the traditional office interior design is necesery. Nowadays offices are creating a more dynamic work environment by getting stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs, these will form the core ingredient for a good office interior. Lounges and seating areas are becoming more important as well. It’s a good thing that employees have a choiche to either work while standing up or sitting down as well as the possibility to lounge.

This is beneficial for your employeees productivity and more important: their health. Before you start furnishing your office, it’s important to know what kind of office type and how much surface (m2) you’ll need. We distinguish four different office types: flexible workspace, office units, customized office spaces and meeting rooms.Afbeelding 2

A dynamic work environment

An office space has a successful office interior design if it fills every need employees may have. Ideally there’s a place for socializing and small talk and one or more meeting/presentation rooms are also important. Besides, you’ll need a place to (co-)work and a place to retreat so you can work quietly with the utmost concentration. All the more reason you should offer a dynamic work environment.

An interior design that’s complementary to all this is Officeplanner: a prefabricated designer furnishing concept. It’s based on what we call C4, this stands for Connect, Conference, CoWork and Concentrate. It’s a flexible way of furnishing your office and gives you several different options.

Connect is all about increasing the interaction amongst employees, which would result in better office relationships and creates more dialogue between employees. Which then again could lead to more innovative and creative projects. Conference stands for the availability of meeting and presentation rooms. CoWork gives you the space to work together and Concentrate gives you a peaceful and quiet area to focus on your tasks.

Simply furnish your office efficiently with Officeplanner

Do you have trouble with deciding the perfect office interior for your office? A general layout plan to furnish your office space will help you decide. It’s the main reason SKEPP developed the Officeplanner concept. Officeplanner gives you two style options: Urban Scandinavian and Urban Industrial.

We will help you in getting the most efficient furnish arrangement possible for your office. For more information you can call one of our real estate agents at +31 85 877 05 19, Whatsapp +31 6 20 86 79 57 or mail us at info@skepp.com.

Office interior design with Officeplanner

Are you looking for a new office interior design or are you just looking for some furniture for your office? Choose Officeplanner! You can use our virtual design tool to create your dream office yourself or request a personalised furnishing proposal from our Personal Designer. You can also order furniture directly from the webshop. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Officeplanner? Download the brochure for free and read more about the unprecedented flexibility of Officeplanner. And who knows, you might be enjoying your new office interior in no-time!

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