The road to Officekit (3/4): These are the hospitality and tech solutions provided by Officekit

  • By Jari Wesselink
  • Tuesday April 2nd 2019
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The office hero, barista-worthy coffee, keyless access, a digital reception, sensors to provide insights into environmental factors and an all-in cleaning service: a summary of a few of the hospitality and tech solutions that Officekit offers. It was recently announced that SKEPP will start with Officekit in Enschede. With hospitality facilities, Officekit brings life into an office building. By combining different tech solutions, the attractiveness of the building is increased effectively and significantly. In this blog, the features of the new SKEPP product are further explained.

At the first location of Officekit, at Brouwerijstraat 1 in Enschede, the brewery is given a makeover. The former head office of the famous Dutch beer brand Grolsch has 8,000 square meters of gross floor space and more than 200 square meters of social area space. Offering the right mix of facilities and creating a unique atmosphere are key factors for the successful operation of an office building. In many buildings, this is quite a task, but with Officekit this process becomes easy, flexible and affordable. Click on the button below to find out more about the first Officekit location, which was highlighted in the previous part of this blog series.

The road to Officekit (2/4)

The office hero, the contact person of the building and responsible for the cleaning of the office

Officekit starts with the contact person of the building, the office hero. He or she welcomes you to the building every morning, ensures that coffee, tea and lunch are available, takes care of the daily cleaning of the social area and is always available for an (informal) chat. But the office hero does more: tenants can also go to him or her for questions or when other problems occur such as accidents and calamities.

In addition, this person also provides an initial viewing to potential tenants for the office spaces, because the office hero is also the person who knows the most about the office building. The viewings are planned directly into the schedule of the office hero using SKEPP’s broker platform. This creates short lines of communication and allows potential tenants to quickly and conveniently view their ideal office space.

The office hero is not only there for practical matters but is also always available for a chat.

Barista-worthy coffee, fresh lunch and easy payment

Great food and drink, also known as the engine of an office. Officekit offers tenants unlimited access to coffee, tea and water in the social area. With high-performance coffee machines, freshly ground coffee beans and fresh milk, Officekit offers a cup of coffee that tastes like it could have been made by a real barista. In addition, a sponsored lunch is available every day. The assortment consists of freshly made sandwiches, pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps, salads, yoghurt and fruit. Sponsored means that the price of a lunch is greatly reduced for tenants, meaning that they can afford to enjoy a lunch every day. Paying for the lunch is made easy and fast via a self-service payment kiosk or by using the Officekit-app on your phone.

betalen met app officekit
Paying for the lunch is made easy with the self-service payment kiosk or by using the Officekit-app on your phone.

Keyless access and a digital reception

Officekit integrates various facilities in one platform, which increases the efficiency level without compromising on quality. In addition, the building is given a modern feel because of all the available tech solutions. There are various digital locks in and around the building, from the barrier outside the building to the individual office spaces. Keys, cards, tags and associated key contracts are therefore a thing of the past and luckily no longer necessary.

Tenants can simply, but safely, unlock locks with their mobile phones. In addition to that, if the office hero happens to be unavailable at that time, visitors are received via a digital reception. Using the services of the office hero together with the digital reception ensures that there is always someone or something to greet visitors.

Sensors and monitoring

The building is also equipped with sensors. Each sensor covers a unit or a fixed surface of an office space. Because of this, tenants and landlords gain valuable insights into the environmental factors per monitored area. The current temperature in an office is, for example, visible in a dashboard using the Officekit-app. Aside from this, things such as the air quality, sunlight availability and occupancy rate per room are also visible in the app. The dashboard in the Officekit-app offers both tenants and landlords real-time transparent information. Moreover, the insights from this information also help guide management decisions to install certain systems such as ventilation or window blinds, which further increases the efficiency of the building.

Meeting and relaxing in the social area

Officekit takes different functions into account during the design of the social area. For example, you hold meetings in the SKEPP Meetingbox, but there is also room to relax. Officekit has a carefully selected range of furniture to give the social area a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

vergaderen in meetingbox skepp
The SKEPP Meetingbox, a place to hold private meetings.

An all-in cleaning service for the social area and office spaces. With Officekit, you no longer need multiple cleaning contracts per property. The cleaning of the property is taken care of and turned into an all-in-one solution when using Officekit. This results in a daily cleaned social area. The office spaces area cleaned on a weekly basis using a fixed all-in price. Occasional cleaning requests can be entered into the Officekit-app or by contacting the office hero. Because of this, there is no need to panic when you accidentally spill a cup of coffee.

Using the app included with Officekit, tenants and landlords are in control

Tenants and landlords get access to their own environments in the Officekit-app. The app provides access to the various facilities, sensor information, contracts and invoices. Tenants can easily adjust name and address information in the app, but also, for example, acquire an extra office chair when there is a new employee. Landlords can easily submit a rental proposal, which can be digitally signed and then automatically converted into a (ROZ) contract, after which the billing flow starts right away.

Tenant and landlords get access to their own environments in the Officekit-app.

The ‘Office as a Service Meet-up’ event on the 18th of April in Amsterdam

Officekit offers seamless integration with the 'Office as a Service' idea. The design and use of office buildings are increasingly being pulled away from the shell. Moreover, the separation between work and private life is blurring, as a result of this, the functions within a building merge. Tenants of office space are looking for flexibility in the lease, just like with a dynamic working environment that easily adapts to constantly changing market conditions.

B. Amsterdam, CityHub and Holland ConTech & PropTech share their experiences about these trends and developments during the 'Office as a Service Meet-up' event on the 18th of April. This event takes place in B.1 Amsterdam at Johan Huizingalaan 763a in Amsterdam. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kas Bruinsma (1st Broker & Client Relations at SKEPP). He can be reached by phone using the following number: (+31) 085 - 877 05 19. Alternatively, you can send an email to Displayed below is the full program of the event.

invite symposium meet-up skepp

We post new updates about Officekit on our platform

In this third part of the blog series "The road to Officekit", we have discussed the features of Officekit and wrote the announcement of the "Office as a Service Meet-up" event. In the last part of this blog series we will talk a bit more about the meet-up and the opening of the first Officekit location. So make sure you regularly check our platform for new updates about the fourth product from SKEPP. Would you like to know more? Take a look at our first and second blog of this series in order to make sure that you are up-to-date with all the latest news about Officekit. We will keep you posted!

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