The road to Officekit (1/4): SKEPP is developing smart products that offers solutions for landlords

  • By Jari Wesselink
  • Friday, December 21, 2018

Officekit, that is the name of the forth product in development at SKEPP. This product offers landlords various hospitality-facility and tech solutions to further improve the level of service for the tenants. Try think of the ‘officehero’, free coffee and tea, sponsored lunch, 24/7 keyless access and all-in cleaning. Officekit gives office buildings new life that enables landlords to distinguish themselves from the current market.

Through different tech solutions - like a digital reception - with officekit you make your office building smart and you will efficiently and profitably offer hospitality facilities.

An ever growing request for flexibility is one of the most important changes in the office market in 2019. This past year SKEPP has researched the wishes of the tenants when it comes to the use of an office space and the extent of the provided facilities. This research concludes that the whole request for ‘Office as a service solutions’ keeps growing. The new product Officekit answers this request.

Officekit offers several hospitality facility and tech solutions to improve the general level of service for tenants.

Officekit results in a higher level of service for tenants.

As a landlord you want your tenants to feel at home in your office building(s). With Officekit this is realised, because this product offers different hospitality, facility and tech solutions through sensors for insight in the environmental factors, smart locks for keyless access and an app to manage the facilities. This way the general service level for tenant is raised. Below are 8 of the facilities and solutions that SKEPP offers with Officekit.

  • A stylish interior designed social heart with space for tenants to meet, communicate and lunch;
  • Delicious free coffee and tea;
  • A sponsored fresh lunch, every day;
  • An ‘Officehero’ as point of contact in the office building (more on this can be read further on this article;
  • 24/7 entry via keyless access which makes access cards, keys or tags unnecessary;
  • Visitors are received by a digital reception;
  • Cleaning of the general area’s as well as the office spaces is included
  • Insights in environment factors like temperature, air quality, light and occupancy council in offices;
  • Access to a virtual blueprint of the personal office space where you can scale the furnishing up or down with the simple click of a button.
KeylessNo keys or tags necessary, keyless access with Officekit! Easy, right?

Tenants are directors of their own office space

Through an app tenants will be able to direct their own offices. The facilities (see above) are easily managed, the lunch can be paid through the app, administrative affairs like contracts and invoices can be viewed directly and and desired alterations can be submitted digitally. Through the connection with other SKEPP products tentans can even rent extra spaces or furniture with the tap of a button.

With Officekit property owners can make their offices stand out in the office market

Property owners hold control through personal portal

Officekit gives office buildings new life, something that makes property owners stand out in the office market. Because Officekit exists of many technological solutions SKEPP can offer these services at a substantial lower price than the traditional ways offered by similar suppliers. Below are other benefits for property owners summed up.

  • Officekit is whitelabel and able to adapt to an existing situation or if desired a personal proposal with your companies branding will be made;
  • As property owner you have a personal portal and an app at your disposal which consist of tools to optimally manage your office building;
  • Rental proposals, contracts and invoices are easily and automatically (including a Chamber of Commerce link) drawn up through the portal
  • Insights in the financial presentations on office unit- property and billfold level;
  • Dashboard with real time sensor data on unit and property level, think of the temperature, air quality, light and occupation;
  • You also receive a tenant app where the tenant works in the same portal and this way can unburden you from certain tasks that aren’t your primary responsibility as a property owner;
  • The ‘Officehero’ unburdens you during tours and provides potential tenants with a customized coffee mug that has the name and company written on it.

‘Officehero’ as contact person for all tenants

With the tech solution SKEPP integrated through Officekit it will take part in the growing need for ‘Office as a service solutions’ and above all the newest technological advances in the office market. However this is combined with the ‘Officehero’ that is at the office every day.

For questions about the office, the app or the cleaning, the tenants can report to the ‘Officehero’. He or she is the contact person, cleans the general spaces and provides the cleaning for the tenants office spaces on a weekly base. Besides the ‘Officehero’ is always in for a chat and makes sure that the ambiance and sociability is always optimal!  

Officekit SKEPPExample of the Officekit inlog screen.

Keep your eye out through our platform for new updates

We will keep you informed about Officekit! The advances in Officekit made in the laboratory are in full throttle. In the period to come we will regularly give updates about the advances in the lab and launch the first Officekit location. May there be any questions after our first update, please contact SKEPP through the button below, call 085 877 05 19 or mail

Contact us

Officekit fourth product from SKEPP after Officelisting, Officemanager and Officeplanner

Officekit will be the fourth product coming from SKEPP. With the 3 previous products the proptech company has become active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France. Besides this there is ambition to further expand in Europe. Want to know more about Officelisting, Officemanager and Officeplanner? Below the products are inlightend shortly.

Officelisting: The Airbnb of the office market

Where SKEPP will introduce her fourth product in 2019 it already exists of 3 products. Officelisting is the product what started the proptech company in 2013. It is the free comparison website for office spaces. With this product you bring the organisations that are looking for an office space in contact with property owners, operators and landlords of office spaces. As the Airbnb of the office market it currently has an office offer of more than 2000 offices throughout europe. Curious how this works? Watch the video below.


Contract and invoice management through Officemanager.

Officemanager was added to the product package in 2016. Through this SKEPP can connect the property owners and tenants to a digital tenant and landlord portal. With Officemanager SKEPP offers property owners certain tools to work more efficiently and easily whilst managing the property. From rental proposal, contract and the invoices to the debtor management through the software tool.

In the dashboard - where everything is fully automated and digitised - you will find all the details, it will unburden you from many responsibilities. This consists for example of a connection with the Chamber of Commerce, Exact Online and Twinfield. In the portal for property owners, operators and landlords of office spaces everything is clearly visible.



Office furnishing with Officeplanner

The third product is the design furnished package named Officeplanner. With this product SKEPP can flexibly furnish office spaces based on the customers needs. Hereby it offers 2 styles, URBAN Industrial and URBAN Scandinavian. Also optional design packages can be added to the furnishing for a personal touch.

Another large advantage: The ergonomic furnishing can be scaled up and down with the click of a button. The furnishing is never fixed or nailed down and therefore can be rearranged at any given moment. It’s possible to rent, financial lease or buy the furnishing. Want to know more about Officeplanner, the custom develop products like the meeting box and the benefits these have? Click on the button below to watch the video.

Office furnishing with Officeplanner

Want to know more about Officekit? Then also read part 2 of this blog series!

The second part of this blog is currently on the website and it is about the launch of the first Officekit location. Click here to go to the blog:

The road to Officekit (2/4)



Office interior design with Officeplanner

Are you looking for a new office interior design or are you just looking for some furniture for your office? Choose Officeplanner! You can use our virtual design tool to create your dream office yourself or request a personalised furnishing proposal from our Personal Designer. You can also order furniture directly from the webshop. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Officeplanner? Download the brochure for free and read more about the unprecedented flexibility of Officeplanner. And who knows, you might be enjoying your new office interior in no-time!

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