The road to Officekit (2/4): SKEPP launches its first Officekit-location

  • By Jari Wesselink
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Scoop! In the next four months SKEPP will start with the use of Officekit in Enschede (The Netherlands). Officekit is the fourth product developed by SKEPP. With the use of hospitality facilities, Officekit will bring life into an office building. The combination of numerous tech-solutions effectively increases the attractiveness of the building.

Just before the end of the year, we found a match with the office building at the Brouwerijstraat 1 in Enschede, the former headquarters of Grolsch and an icon of the region. The office building has a gross floor space of 8.000 m2 and lies in the heart of the Roombeek area. This area is rapidly growing into a base for fast-growing Dutch tech-companies, like Moneybird, TRIMM, and At the moment, the office building houses companies like The Cee Spot community and Innovadis.

 SKEPP will use the largest set of tools out of Officekit in Enschede, which is why all components can be finetuned in a highly representative location

For Officekit this location is ideal as a ‘launching site’. The building will be modernised and fully renovated from both the in- and outside. Furthermore, we strive for the highest ranking of energy efficiency. Thereafter, the different Officekit-components Whitelabel will be integrated into the building and will be focused on the branding of the tenant. As a result, the look and ambience of the office building will transform completely. The completion of the project is already planned for the end of this quarter.

first officekit locatie brouwerijstraat enschede

An impression of what the outside of the first Officekit location in Enschede will look like after the remodeling.

The first facilities, such as the 'SKEPP Meetingbox', have already been placed in the building in Enschede

SKEPP will apply the largest set of tools out of Officekit in Enschede, which is why all components can be fine-tuned in a highly representative location. We more often test with directing the ‘Officehero’ and the housekeeping in a more innovative way. Also, the design of the social heart of the building comes together in close contact with the owner of the office. 

Tenants will already have access to the unique SKEPP Meetingbox. In the short term, you will be able to get free coffee and tea, whilst a sponsored lunch is being served on an especially designed stylish piece of lunch furniture. The payment of the lunch will take place digitally, without any further interaction required with the staff.

Untitled design5De SKEPP Meetingbox in the office building at the Brouwerijstraat in Enschede.

Convenience and insight due to tech-solutions

Also, Officekit offers ‘access’ in the broadest sense of the word. Through the mobile app tenants will gain access to their parking places, they can open the front door and they can open their own office or unit. Visitors can directly contact the tenant via a digital front desk.

In addition to that, Officekit implements a sensor-based solution, through which tenants get insights into the temperature, air quality, the amount of light, and the occupancy rate per unit or even per section of the office. This is a key factor in increasing the efficiency whilst using different facilities. This is partly why Officekit utilizes, for example, all-in housekeeping in both general areas and office spaces.

IMG 969The development of the lunch furniture. 

Easy access to all facilities using your personal app

Due to the wide range of ‘Office as a Service solutions’ SKEPP offers, tenants and property owners can easily be provided with additional services. For example, tenants have access to the virtual floor plan of their own office space at all times and furniture can be purchased with the push of a button. From an administrative perspective, tenants and property owners are provided with tools which allows them to easily and conveniently be in control of the location. Both parties will get up-to-date insights of current contracts and invoices.

Moreover, property owners, operators and lessors can, in a simple way and automatically, in their own style make a rental proposal, convert it into an (ROZ) rental contract and start the invoicing flow. The Officehero even provides this, when desired, during the viewing period.

Due to the wide range of Office as a Service solutions SKEPP offers, tenants and property owners can easily be provided with additional services

Also read our first update regarding Officekit!

A few weeks ago SKEPP reported about the development of the fourth product, Officekit. In ‘The road to Officekit (1/4)', SKEPP is developing smart products that offer solutions for landlords’ increased level of service required for tenants, as well as the many benefits for property owners, operators and lessors. Furthermore, the role of the Officehero has been explained. Click on the following button and make sure that you find out everything there is to know about Officekit!

The road to Officekit (1/4)

Keep an eye on our platform for new updates

The development of Officekit is in full swing and the launch of our first Officekit location is approaching fast! In the upcoming period, further updates of the new developments, features and of course, the launch of Officekit in Enschede will follow. If you have any questions regarding Officekit or any of our other products, please contact SKEPP by clicking on the button below, by calling 085 877 05 19 or by e-mailing We will make sure to keep you informed about Officekit!

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