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Nowadays, we are working in a digital age that is constantly changing. The trends of automation and digitization have consequences for the office world. It will not be long before our lives are completely shaped by technology. The most important factor? Digitization! Smart Buildings also fall under this category. In this article, you can read more about Smart Buildings and how you can use technology for your organization.

Questions that might be on your mind are: What is a Smart Building? Is a Smart Building suitable for my organization? What options do I, as a tenant, have when it comes to renting a smart office space? What are the advantages or disadvantages of a Smart Building? Is it possible to transform a regular office building into a Smart Building?

What is a Smart Building?

A Smart Building is the office building of the future, but one that you can already realize today. A Smart Building is an upgrade of a regular office building, to which technical components have been added. The available technology is geared to the employees and/or visitors and the activities in the office building. Smart Buildings learn, stimulate, and collect valuable data using the latest technologies. These techniques can go in any direction. Think, for example, of cloud solutions or automation technologies. Below, we explain the properties of a Smart Building, so that you know exactly what to expect from an intelligent building. 

Business Center in BerlinA smart building usually has its own building network. 

What can a Smart Building do that a regular building cannot?

In a Smart Building or smart office space, everything comes together in terms of technology. Imagine an office building equipped with various useful tools, such as measuring the office temperature or, for example, locking doors. These functions are connected to a network and managed via an app. This is possible thanks to the Internet of Things. In short, a Smart Building is a move of networks in the physical and virtual world.  

Communicate through intelligent devices

Thanks to the internet, we are able to communicate and work with intelligent devices. In a Smart Building, several intelligent gadgets are connected. As a result, a Smart Building can think ahead. SKEPP has a wide range of smart products with which you can equip your office building. In this way, you can create a Smart Building step by step. Discover how you can realize a Smart Building by using our Officekit tool.  

How can I upgrade my office building to a Smart Building?

Are you building a new office building? Then it may be smart to consider the processing of smart devices. If you are renting office space within an existing office building, you can also make the office smarter. There are various options for this. For example, you can easily and inexpensively equip the office building with a smart lock system. Or what about a digital reception that will help you and your customers further. You can also think of security systems that protect the entire building. Besides, how about an intelligent air conditioning system? These are just some of the many possibilities in the field of Smart Building.  

Officekit SKEPPOfficekit serves many possibilities for your organization!

Officekit helps you further

Officekit offers many technical features with which you can equip your office with the latest technology. Take a look at the keyless entry feature, which allows you to unlock your office door with your smartphone. It is also possible to get a digital reception at the entrance of the office building. In this way, you ensure that the visitor can register for an appointment. Perfect, right? How about a payment terminal? That is also one of the options for Officekit. Easily integrate Officekit into your office concept to enjoy the many advantages. An additional advantage: you can easily operate all products with the SKEPP app. 

What are the advantages of a Smart Building?

As an entrepreneur, you are probably wondering whether the transformation to a Smart Building is necessary and what benefits it brings. To answer this, we have listed the advantages of a Smart Building. Have a look: 

  • Cost reduction
  • Need for maintenance
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable
  • Part of the modern working world
  • Optimize all processes
  • Optimizing the living environment
  • Easily controllable via the app
  • All data visible at a glance

What are the disadvantages of a Smart Building?

Creating a Smart Building has many advantages. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Think of high investment costs, the risk to damage data privacy, and dependence on a smartphone. It is important to weigh up these disadvantages against the advantages before investing in a Smart Building.

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