A start-up forever!

SKEPP is home at the office

SKEPP, originally an online broker

Originally we are a Dutch company from a region in the Netherlands called ‘Twente. We started as an online broker in November 2013. This means that our website SKEPP.nl connects start-ups, scale-ups and big organizations to office spaces and their landlords. A free service with no obligations for the one in search for a new office space.


SKEPP alleviates and takes over time-consuming tasks with officemanager

Since October 2016, SKEPP took over Launchdesk from Amsterdam. An online platform where self-employed people can find the coolest (flexible) working spaces in all of the Netherlands. This take-over brought together real estate knowledge and development strategy. From that moment we take on tasks such as: contracts, billing and administration. Moreover, we even start procedures if a debtor refuses to pay. In officemanager, our portal for landlords, all the information is displayed. Even the availability of your office spaces. SKEPP alleviates and takes over time-consuming tasks.


SKEPP as developer of prefab design furnishing concept officeplanner

In July 2017 SKEPP officeplanner was presented and introduced. A prefab furnishing concept by SKEPP. This concept has two different styles: URBAN and CITY. The one named first is a more rebellious variant, while CITY is more suitable for the professional who desires more comfort. The concepts are both based on C4, short for all the essentials at the office. Additional benefit, you build your own dream office in our self-designed systems. We also deliver your new dream office within one week. 


Transition from online broker to a proptech company, also in Belgium and Germany

SKEPP is a proptech company nowadays. Since July 2017, SKEPP crossed the borders to Belgium with an office in Brussels. Expansion brings SKEPP to Germany on short term. On behalf of SKEPP and Launchdesk by SKEPP we currently work for over 1200 offices and we do this with an explosive team, consisting of over 20 young professionals. SKEPP is at home at the office.