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The advantages of Officemanager for operators and investors

A higher service level, an increase in the value of your building(s) and all data visible in one app

  • Speed up rentability by increasing the service level for tenants
  • Save on personnel costs by adding tech features
  • Increase the value of your office building with, for example, keyless entry
  • Manage and analyse data through one well-arranged app
Lauren Brunnikhuis Lauren Brunnikhuis Client Success Manager LinkedIn

These operators and investors benefit from a smart building with Officemanager

By adding tech features to your property or properties

Very nice, especially the communication. Mindspace's experience is that SKEPP is a good mediator who comes up with creative solutions and as such ensures that an agreement is reached.


In my opinion SKEPP is one of the few great companies in this market. Where many online brokers make an attempt, there are only a few who are really succeeding and who come up with leads that you can really benefit from. Superb.

Freek Oversloot, Workspot

Pleasant cooperation. Very fast and convenient way to come in contact with potential clients.

Daaro Rotterdam

Super staff that we can work with very well.

Jerrel, Tribes

Always very pleasant contact, thorough knowledge of the market, very venturous and actively follow through.

Eva van der Loop, Offices For You

Great. SKEPP is capable, attentive, quick and friendly. I have a good relationship with all the brokers.

Lex van Ingen, Merin

Deliver very good and pure leads and keep on top of the business. Very pleased and through SKEPP have rented out many spaces.

Floris van Kuijeren, M2Move

Pleasant and involved people that always go the extra mile.


So far we have been pleased with all the help and assistance by SKEPP. Everyone is very friendly and service driven! Good that you really research these things as a company.

TSH Collab (The Student Hotel)

Our experience with SKEPP is that they send us good leads for our buildings. The leads are a great match and a viewing often shows that the incoming lead is a valuable one. For this reason, Merin gladly receives the leads provided by SKEPP.

Daan van der Veen, Merin

Always easy to reach, a hands-on approach, always help where they can, extensive knowledge of the (real estate) market and as such a very pleasant contact!

Offices For You

Accelerate rentability and save on personnel costs by adding tech features

With keyless entry, a digital reception and payment terminal you can save on your FTEs

The free app provides the base for Officemanager. You choose the functionalities that you want to display and manage in the app. These functionalities can also be easily expanded or scaled down. Officemanager offers many tech components that you can use to make a move toward automation in your office building. For example? The keyless entry locks work on the basis of bluetooth and in the app you, as an operator / investor, can manage the access for your tenants. In addition, in the app you can use an online booking system for meeting rooms, control the barriers and find hardware data about your building, such as the temperature, the humidity and the CO2 level.

Another tech product, the digital reception, saves on staff costs. Which is also the case with the payment terminal for lunch, since you can run the restaurant in your office building without staff. SKEPP takes care of the delivery and installation. By creating a smart building with Officemanager, you increase the service level for tenants, you stimulate the rental and you save on personnel costs.


Gain insight into the environmental factors of your office through the free app, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, light and presence.

€5 monthly €249 once

Smart lock

Digital cylinder lock to open and manage via free app, connection via Bluetooth. (Euro profile 30 / 30mm cylinder, other sizes on request).

€5 monthly €299 once

Wall reader

Digital receiver for opening electronic doors, opening and managing via free app. Connection via bluetooth.

€5 monthly €299 once

Payment display

Easy contactless payment. Industrial style column, equipped with secure touchscreen and ATM.

€249 monthly €2,865 once

Digital reception

Don't let visitors wait any longer. With the digital reception you will receive a notification when a visitor has arrived.

€179 monthly €4,950 once

Booking display

Simply book a meeting via the free app, your booking will then be placed directly on the booking display.

€29 monthly €449 once

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    Rent your office space quickly with Officelisting and Officeplanner

    Let your portfolio of office spaces be placed for free on SKEPP with Officelisting and prospects can design the space themselves with Officeplanner



    Placed a property? Check! We will proactively get started with finding suitable tenants. We do this through the use of (online) marketing. You only have to pay with success!



    Prospects can get started with the virtual design of the space using our online tool, which makes the possibilities of the space visible. A method that is proven to increase conversion!


    Frequently asked questions about Officemanager

    Is not everything clear yet regarding Officemanager? Search below for your question!

    • Officemanager
      • I would like to use keyless entry, but I doubt whether my locks are suitable. How can I find it out?
        • That is a simple case, because all locks are suitable for keyless entry! The locks work on bluetooth and you manage it in our SKEPP app. In addition to the locks, you can also make a link in the app with our online booking system for meeting rooms. How? After booking a room, the meeting room is only accessible via the app and only for the person who reserved it.

      • What are the benefits of a digital reception?
        • Our digital reception ensures that you no longer need receptionists who receive your guests, the digital reception will do it for you. This allows you to save considerably on personnel costs. An additional advantage is the flexibility of the digital reception, since it is very easy to move.

      • I am getting convinced to purchase Officekit products, but how does the installation of the products go?
        • Leave that to us! We ensure that everything is delivered properly and we also assemble and/or install it.

      • Is it also possible to order Officekit products separately from each other?
        • Of course! For instance, you can first try 10 slots with keyless entry. If the experiences are positive, you can extend it to the entire office building. Do you have multiple office buildings? It then can also be an option to first provide one office building with Officekit products and to expand it later. Do you want to know more about this? Contact us by emailing

      • How do I know if my office portfolio is suitable for Officekit?
        • Every building is suitable for the products of Officekit, so your building(s) as well. The keyless entry slots are very easy to manage in the SKEPP app, with which you can also control gates. Are there visitors who want to park? They can use a one-time code. You will also find hardware information about your building(s) in the app. Consider the temperature of the building, but also the humidity level and the CO2 content. The reception column offers many advantages, just like the payment terminal for lunch. The payment terminal for lunch makes sure that you can keep your company restaurant up and running without FTEs. Again a way to save on personnel costs! Besides, if you are going to tackle the company restaurant, look at the Officekit furniture for lunch, because this fits well with the payment terminal. In other words, many solutions can be applied in every office building!

    Is your question not listed?