An office is no longer a place where you just do your job, it has become a place of interchanging. With our prefabricated designer furnishing concept officeplanner you'll bring your office into this new era instantly.


Hybrid model

Certainty and flexibility


  • Contracts from 12 to 120 months
  • Fixed price per month


  • Number of workspaces is adjustable every month
  • Available at several locations

CLUB is an office space in a physically enclosed space where C4 can be established. The CLUB concept cuts both ways. On one side you’ll benefit from the certainty of the contract from 12 to 120 months for one or more (nationwide) CLUBS.

On the other side you will take advantage of its flexibility. If your company is in need of extra workspace in addition to the workspaces that belong to CLUB, then it’s easy to rent extra. You’ll rent these in a different area, but in the same building. You can rent one or more spaces for a fixed price of €168 per space, per month. A functional model, especially when the number of workspaces goes up and down every month. 

CLUB is therefor a combination of certainty and flexibility. In the recently held meetings with big companies, we’ve noticed that renting offices spaces according to this model is an ideal situation for them.

SKEPP is actively searching for a lunching customer for this new product. Interested? Feel free to contact us!