An office is no longer a place where you just do your job, it has become a place of interchanging. With our prefabricated designer furnishing concept officeplanner you'll bring your office into this new era instantly.


Furnishing concept

Nowadays most organizations are asking for more and more flexibility of their employees, their equipment but especially of their work-environment. Office buildings are built in a way that the interior will have to last as long as the exterior, causing the work environment to be as inflexible as can be. Our URBAN style will break right through this inflexibility with our completely flexible furnishing concept

  • Monthly contracts | 'IFRS-proof'
  • Prefab design
  • Design your own layout plan
  • No private investment needed
  • Innovative cocoon meeting-unit

Prefab design

It’s very important that our innovative products help employees to work more efficiently and complete their assignments successfully.  Of course URBAN looks glamorous with its light colours, warm fabrics, ergonomic workplaces and a perfectly tuned colour pallet. To top it al off: depreciation is based on its users, not its owners. This way you’re not alone to benefit, but your succeeding users will avail as well.


The base for the URBAN flexibility lies in what we call a cocoon. There are four different variations of this cocoon.

  1. An office unit for six people where you can work and/or meet;
  2. An office unit for three people where you can really focus on work, or have a quick meeting.
  3. A so called cell were one person can work and make phone calls. 
  4. The U-shaped set up: it's flexible and very private.



URBAN is a suitable option for companies that employ eight or more people and are looking for an office space. The standard contract length for this concept is one month. Longer periods are possible on request, creating maximum flexibility. We deliver hybrid models for the big companies: security at its core through a long-term contract, creating a flexible work environment for the renters around it. Sounds all right? Check out CLUB.