Rent office space Bodegraven, Tolnasingel 6-16

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  • Bus stop Bodegraven, Terrassonsingel 7 mins walk (0.6 km)
  • Railway station Bodegraven 31 mins walk (2.5 km)
  • Gym 6 mins walk (0.5 km)
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This is currently available at Tolnasingel 6-16 in Bodegraven

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    Space description: 20 m2
    Rental price: 425 € /mo.
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    Space description: 23 m2
    Rental price: 485 € /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 26 m2
    Rental price: 550 € /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 50 m2
    Rental price: 1.055 € /mo.
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About this office

Office space for rent at the Tolnasingel (Bodegraven Zuid)

This office building at the Tolnasingel in Bodegraven was built in 2006 and is located at business area Groote Wetering. This building is at a sight location alongside the highway (A12). It currently has multiple tenants and every wing has its own style to it. Tenants vary from software developers to a wholesale.

Prices, office Tolnasingel, Bodegraven

In this office building you can now choose multiple offices from 20 m2. The different office spaces are being offered to you full-service. This means you can fully focus on your work and do not have to worry about the little things. Internet (glass fibre) and cleaning of all area's is included in the price.

Tolnasingel: including cleaning

The office spaces at the Tolnasingel in Bodegraven are offered full-service. This means the offices are fully furnished and on a turn-key basis. You only have to bring your computer and you are good to go. If you prefer to furnish your own office, that is also a possibility. The building has a closed off entrance with an intercom and it also has an elevator. Every wing features a pantry and the building is 24/7 accessible. It is possible to rent meeting rooms for up to 25 people. When you start renting here, you will also have 4 parts of a day included in the contract.

Location and reachability, Tolnasingel, Bodegraven

This office building is situated directly alongside the highway (A12). It also has its own parking lot and parking in the neighborhood is also free. This makes it so you can always find a spot to park your car. The closest bus stop is only a 5 minute walk and has direct connection with the train station of Bodegraven.

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