Brussels European District, Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce 5

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Renting office space on Handelsstraat / Rue de Commerce (European District)

You can rent office space in this beautiful mansion on Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce in Brussels. These office premises are just outside the city center and serve as a business center. The landlord has a number of locations in the area, but this one is certainly worth looking at!


The center of Brussels is an incubator for entrepreneurs. Many companies are based here as well as the European Parliament which is why the city has such an international focus. The rent costs for offices can vary greatly among each other, but when you rent from this landlord you know you will get the best possible price. For example you can rent a 28 m2 office for a price of € 950 per month, and for € 250 per month you can already have a work place. Our real estate consultants would like to tell you more about the prices and availabilities. 

Full service, reception and accessible 24/7

You can rent office spaces with extensive facilities on Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce in Brussels. Coffee and tea among the items included in the prices and telephone calls are answered on your behalf and transferred. Your mail will be received by the manager and will be delivered to you through the manager. The staffed reception desk will always greet guests warmly, and this professional reception is certainly also a business card. Finally, the office that you are going to rent will be accessible to you and your personnel 24/7, since the owner also understands that sometimes you just want to go a little longer.

Location and reachability

This office building is located in the Sint-Joost area in the center of Brussels. The Warandepark is only a few minutes' walk away, and you can take a wonderful brief walk here during your lunch break. The Beltway of Brussels, consisting of the E19 and the E40, enables you to arrive in Brussels with ease and it is no problem to use your own transportation to go to the office. There are also more than enough possibilities to travel with public transportation in the area. You can, for example, catch the bus or metro a few minutes from the building. There are some very good places to eat in the area, for example Sushi World or Titanic if someday you don't feel like cooking yourself. Of course Brussels has much more to offer, but you will have to see this with your own eyes. 

Will you be renting office space on Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce soon?

Is renting office space on Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce in Brussels something for you? Then don't hesitate any longer and schedule a free tour to look at your new office for yourself. The landlord will make sure that there is a great cup of coffee waiting for you. Will we see you soon.

Rent office space in Brussels, Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce Handelsstraat / Rue du Commerce 5 Brussels European District Toplocation!

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