Come work at SKEPP

SKEPP is a fast growing company that is always looking for young professionals to strengthen our team. In ust over 4 years we transformed from an online broker ​and grew into a mature proptech company with ambitious professionals. Our company is based in several locations​. Twente (SKEPP the Netherlands), Zaventem (SKEPP Belgium) and Düsseldorf (SKEPP Germany). SKEPP is home at the office.  

We are always looking for ambitious people that can take SKEPP to an even higher level. Whether we need a sales pro for Team Sales who ​assists​ great companies to find ​new office spaces​ in The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium a developer that makes our website even better or a marketeer that helps to create killer content for SKEPP. Do you feel at home being involved with​ financial cases? Then Team Finance would love to welcome you... Don't hesitate and contact us right away!