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SKEPP has the most current offers in office spaces. Because of the large amount of spaces available there is a suitable office space for every type of company located anywhere.

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You can upload your offices for free, we will start looking for a suitable tenant right away



We unburden your contract and invoice management, you can see a clear overview with all the details using our online administration tool

With Officelisting you can rent out your vacant office spaces. Placing these offers. including photography is totally free and we work on a no cure, no pay system. With Officemanager we unburden you of all financially administrative work. Upload your offers, just like 800 other landlords on SKEPP!

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With Officeplanner you rent the furniture for your office design and it’s completely flexible


Rent flexible office furniture with Officeplanner. An ergonomic, durable and hip interior design concept. SKEPP transports and assembles so you have your office design ready to go at your location within 1 week.

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Satisfied tenants

These tenants found their ideal office space with SKEPP

Great, Mathios contacted me regularly to see how we were doing and gave me advice according to my needs.


Correct, fast response, made two enquiries and found two fitting office spaces. Works conveniently at a distance.


Nice people, are quick to help you out and try to find a solution. I found an office within a few days.


They really helped me out. They quickly went to work and I was able to start at my new workplace within two weeks!


After contacting SKEPP, the team responded quickly and accurately. The office space I desired was realised within two weeks. I had a guided tour and the contract was set up according to my wishes. Pleasant and friendly approach.

SPI International B.V.

Within a day, I was helped to a perfect office. The team works extremely fast. Within half an hour after sending a message, 3 tours had already been planned. Hence, I was able to quickly make a decision.

Kubilay Altintas Photography

The communication was quick and clear. I wanted to know which designs were possible in the office building that I have rented. I only needed to provide a floor map of the rooms and within a few days I already had the design, with Officeplanner, in my mailbox. Super fast service!


Unfortunately it did not come to an agreement, but the contact was very good. The employees are very professional and understand their profession well. If another situation occurs where I look for an office space, then SKEPP will be the first.

Don Varekamp

Good service, expert and listen to your questions very well. Quick in action. Communication through the phone and email went rather good.

musQueteer B.V.

We have good experiences with SKEPP! Neat and not pushy at all. Pim was always nice and on time.

Jan Vink

Online as on the phone I was assisted very quickly, personally and friendly. Meanwhile I have found where I was looking for and am very happy! That's how easy it can go.

R. Bosman

Very pleasant service! Had a lot of contact with Kas who was quick with answering and helped me with all my questions. Also, very approachable via phone and think along in what our wishes are exactly.


Frequently asked questions

Do these options contain your questions about SKEPP or renting (out) an office space?

  • Renting office space
    • What is the difference between an office room and an office space?
      • An office room is a personal, closed room and is often called an office unit. Office rooms occur in different sizes, up to 100 m2. Office rooms can be delivered fully furnished as well as unfurnished.

        On the other hand, an office space is a big space from over 100 m2. This is often an entire office floor with open flexible workstations, office rooms, an own meeting room and a pantry.

    • What is the difference between a working space and a flexible working space?
      • A working space is different from a flexible working space. The difference is the availability and not the working environment. If you rent a working space, you have your own, dedicated desk. Therefore you don’t have to clean up your desk each time you leave, you can just leave your stuff on your own, private desk.

        On the other hand, if you rent a flexible working space you don’t have your own, dedicated desk. Instead you rent a membership. This membership gives you the right to make unlimited use of the working desks in the open workspace. Are all seats taken? Then please try again in a few hours. A flexible working space is cheaper than a working space, simply because you don’t know for sure if there is a working desk available at your desired working time.

    • Can I rent meeting rooms at SKEPP?
      • No, SKEPP can only help you by renting (flexible) working spaces, virtual offices, office rooms and customized office spaces.

  • How does SKEPP work?
    • How does SKEPP earn money?
      • People who are looking for an office space or a working space can use our service for free. Also, we don’t ask for higher rental prices. SKEPP earns money by charging the landlord a commission based on the monthly amount collected. For working places this commission is 15% during the rental period and for office rooms and office spaces SKEPP charges 10% of the rental income over the first year.

        SKEPP has an arrangement with all landlords that the rental prices can’t be higher for people finding a working space or office room via SKEPP. All people looking for a working place can use SKEPP as a reliable platform designed for finding your dream office.

    • With whom is the contract eventually concluded?
      • The contract is eventually concluded with the landlord of the office building. SKEPP will make an appointment or schedule a tour to make sure you get in touch with the landlord of the office building.

  • SKEPP service
    • What do our current renters and landlords think about our service?
      • To keep improving our service, we regularly ask our renters and landlords to give feedback about the way we work.

        We do this with help of the Feedback Company. Our current rating? A 9.2! And that's something we're very proud of. See for yourself at:

    • How and when can I reach SKEPP?
      • You can reach our real estate agents Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM at +31 85 8882339. It's also possible to mail us at or to Whatsapp us at +31620867957.

        You could reach us through our social media channels as well!

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