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Whether you’re looking for a new office or a new office design; we’re here for you!

Pleased to meet you! We are a young company with roots in Twente and know the office market like no other. With our clear vision we inspire our customers. From renting office spaces to the realization of a flexible design, we like to help you! Curious what we can do for you? Get in touch with us!

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Who are we

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I am very satisfied with the service from SKEPP. I was helped incredibly quickly with finding an office!

Be Wise

Great company! Very helpful. Would definitely recommend it.

Jacks broodjes

Had good contact with SKEPP and found a good office space, exactly what was intended. They also helped think about how to fill in the space.

Marc Luijten

I was very impressed by their professional approach. Mathios has a lot of real estate related knowledge and is on top of that very friendly as well!

ASP Hosting

Excellent service found a new office within 2 weeks in the centre of Amsterdam.

Hans Vriends

They acted very quickly. Was able to visit an office the very same day. Was very friendly and expertly spoken to


Great! Found and moved to in an office within a week! Great service, great company.

Isaak Sanchez Pranoto - CRIMEDIA

Smooth, fast and friendly. They really listened to my wishes and thanks to the good suggestions we have now found a very nice and beautiful office, within budget! Kim, thank you very much for your quick action and the pleasant contact.

Process Communication Nederland

The contact was fast and pleasant, I received some good options in terms of office spaces and with success!

Jouke Letteboer

We found a nice office space for a good price in no time. Contact with both SKEPP and the landlord of the property went very smoothly.


I got an answer to my question regarding an office building really quickly! They also offered me some better alternatives so that there were plenty of relevant offices available for a comparison!


SKEPP has the most current offer of office spaces and workplaces. Choose the office, location and facilities that suit your business. Get a taste of the atmosphere by looking at the photos, videos and 3D tours. Want to take action right away? Schedule your tour without obligation or compose your contract online.

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Search & rent now
Search & rent now

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Who knows better than you what your office should look like? Your organization is growing, looking for new locations or closing existing ones. An organization is constantly changing and so are its needs. Officeplanner seamlessly connects to this with flexible products and ensures that your office furnishing can adapt to changing needs.

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What the FAQ?

Frequently asked questions about office space

  • General
    • How can I order via the SKEPP webshop?
      • Ordering office equipment can be done conveniently and fast through SKEPP’s webshop. Select the desired products, choose your delivery time and fill in the necessary details. SKEPP take care of the rest!

    • To what extent are the products sustainable?
      • SKEPP offers high-quality furniture at competitive prices. SKEPP cooperates with sustainable design brands and offers products that have been developed for long-term use. The aim of the products is to get a second life as a recycled product. The products developed by SKEPP include recycled acoustic PET felt and recycled car tyres. All furniture, such as the SKEPP Meetingbox, is reusable and can easily be relocated without creating additional waste.

    • What is meant by styling costs?
      • SKEPP offers 3 styling packages for the ‘finishing touch’ of your office interior: Cosy, Vintage and Botanic. The Botanic package includes, for example, beautiful plants that will be placed in your office! In the brochure ‘SKEPP Botanic’ you can find more information about the possibilities. Please contact SKEPP via +31 85 8882339 or info@skepp.com to receive the digital SKEPP Botanic brochure by email.

  • Renting office space
    • What is the difference between an office room and an office space?
      • An office room is a personalised, closed room and is often called an office unit. Office rooms occur in different sizes, up to 100 m2. Office rooms can be delivered fully furnished as well as unfurnished.

        On the other hand, an office space is a big space of 100 m2 or more. Often, this is an entire office floor with open flexible workstations, office rooms, an own meeting room and a pantry.

    • What is the difference between a regular workplace and a flexible workplace?
      • A regular workplace is different from a flexible workplace. The difference is the availability and not the working environment. If you rent a workplace, you have your own, dedicated desk. Therefore you don’t have to clean up your desk each time you leave, you can just leave your personal belongings on your own, private desk.

        On the other hand, if you rent a flexible workplace you do not have your own, dedicated desk. Instead, you paying for a membership. This membership gives you the right to make unlimited use of the workplaces in the open office spaces. Are all the workplaces taken? Then please try again in a few hours. A flexible workplace is cheaper than a regular workplace, simply because you don’t know for sure if there is a workplace available at your desired working time.

    • Can I rent meeting rooms at SKEPP?
      • No, SKEPP can only help you by renting (flexible) working spaces, virtual offices, office rooms and customized office spaces.

  • How does SKEPP work?
    • How does SKEPP earn money?
      • People who are looking for office space or a workplace can use our service for free. Also, we do not ask for high rental prices. SKEPP earns money by charging the landlord a commission based on the monthly amount collected. For workplaces, this commission is 15% during the rental period and for office rooms and office spaces, SKEPP charges 14% of the rental income over the first year.

        SKEPP has an arrangement with all landlords that the rental prices cannot be higher for people finding a workplace or office room via SKEPP. Everyone looking for a workplace can use SKEPP as a reliable platform which is specially designed to help you find your dream office.

    • With whom is the contract eventually concluded?
      • The contract is eventually concluded with the landlord of the office building. SKEPP will make an appointment or schedule a tour to make sure you get in touch with the landlord of the office building.

  • SKEPP service
    • What do our current renters and landlords think about our service?
      • To keep improving our service, we regularly ask our renters and landlords to give feedback about the way we work.

        We do this with help of the Feedback Company. Our current rating? A 9.2! And that's something we're very proud of. See for yourself at: feedbackcompany.com/nl-nl/reviews/skepp

    • How and when can I reach SKEPP?
      • You can reach our real estate agents Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM at +31 85 8882339. It's also possible to mail us at info@skepp.com or to Whatsapp us at +31620867957.

        You could reach us through our social media channels as well!

Office as a Service

Rent (out) or interior design an office space where SKEPP unburdens both tenant and landlord

Looking for an office space? You can find it with this free comparison website and with the help of our real estate consultants. Looking to rent out and office space? We upload your offices for free and find suitable tenants for you.

I’m glad to help without any obligations! Kas Bruinsma

Kas BruinsmaReal estate agent

  • Without any obligation
  • Answers within 1 hour
  • Customer rating 9.3/10
  • Up-to-date availability
  • No win, no fee
  • SKEPP takes care of everything