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Welcome to the exciting world of Dynamic Offices! At Skepp, we're all about office designs that take the concept of adaptability to new levels. In simple terms, we believe in offices that smoothly flow with and adapt to changing circumstances.

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Organizations continue to evolve, whether big or small. We are convinced that the layout and design of your office should be able to adapt to the changing needs of your company. It's not just about the layout and design aligning with your workflow; it should also reflect your identity. Your office is the business card that contributes to your success. We stand for Dynamic Offices, which means a flexible and adaptable office setup. From smart organization to cool interior design, we create an environment that inspires, motivates, and evolves. Ready to make moves together?

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What we're all about

We stand for a revolution in office design. We believe in adaptable, movable, and flexible office setups. An office should be able to change and grow with your company's needs. Creating a new layout is always a celebration with us. We go the extra mile, believe in a personalized approach, and strive for the ultimate result. With us, you're always in control; design the layout yourself or collaborate with us. Your vision, your style, your success. At Skepp, it's about you!

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The world is changing - including your office!

Office buildings are static objects, which is quite absurd in our opinion, resulting in many office designs having a dusty and conventional character. However, the rapidly changing world around us demands a flexible office design. Expand, downsize, scale up, or create a hybrid workspace for your scrum team. With a modular office, you seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing conditions of your business. Create the office of now and the future with Skepp. Say goodbye to a static office and say hello to an inspiring and dynamic office design!

A contemporary design

A office building doesn't automatically stay up-to-date, but we believe your office design should. When it comes to a dynamic office, think Skepp. We embrace flexibility and adaptability with modular elements. What can you expect from a dynamic office design? Scalable meeting boxes, acoustic phone boxes, movable room dividers, and flexible elements. We prioritize furniture that adjusts to your needs. Whether your company is growing, downsizing, or simply changing the layout of your office space, our flexible office designs can accommodate it all!

What are the benefits of a flexible office design?

A well-thought-out office design offers numerous advantages for your business and team. Creating a homey atmosphere in the office is what many companies strive for, and it makes perfect sense. The ambiance and flexibility in the office are increasingly important. A pleasant and inspiring office design boosts productivity, reduces stress, and minimizes long-term absenteeism. Additionally, make a great first impression on your clients or visitors. After all, your office is the business card of your company. Match your office interior with your company's identity. So, if you opt for a flexible and comprehensive office design, you invest in productivity, comfort, adaptability, and the overall image of your company!

The meeting box for your flexible office design

A dynamic workspace or a flexible office interior? Yes, please! Flexible office furniture is a perfect match for the modern flexible office. One of the examples of modular office furniture is our meeting boxes. They are acoustically designed, flexible, and seamlessly integrate into any dynamic office. Need to move the meeting box or planning a relocation? No problem, the meeting box moves with you. Thanks to the modular design of the meeting boxes, you maintain the flexibility in your office layout. In addition to its adaptability, the meeting box also brings the perfect acoustics to the office. Disturbing ambient noises become a thing of the past when you place a conference box in the office. Whether you need a conference box, a quiet workspace, a brainstorming area, or a spot for video calls, the meeting box is your ideal sidekick in the office. Isn't it fantastic?

Phonebox vs. meetingbox

Transform your office interior with a flick of the wrist and treat your team to a phonebox or conference box. Experience the convenience of having an additional space in your office without any hassle or major renovations. Both the meeting box and the phonebox allow you to create a separate area quickly and easily. These boxes are multifunctional and not only contribute to a dynamic work environment but also ensure tranquility in the workplace. The acoustics within and even outside the boxes are perfectly balanced. By opting for a meeting box or phonebox in your office, you choose the ultimate solution for a flexible and dynamic office design!

How to design a dynamic office?

Do you want to create a flexible and adaptable workspace bursting with possibilities? Do you have an open office floor? Then you have countless options with the flexible and comprehensive office design by Skepp. No need for fixed walls; instead, efficiently and openly divide the floor. Divide the office space with flexible partitions and effortlessly transform it into a vibrant workplace. Work with acoustic panels, modular room dividers, flexible meeting boxes, and cool phoneboxes. With these movable office furniture pieces, you ensure that your office design remains adaptable at all times. And the best part? Determine the layout of your office space according to your company's needs!

Skepp has the complete office design for you!

The function of an office design varies from company to company, and we understand that like no one else. An open office floor might be ideal for one company, while it may not work for another. We carefully listen to our clients' wishes and requirements right from the start and translate them into a flexible and comprehensive office design. This often calls for a personalized plan tailored to each situation.