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Do you want to rent office space in Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna or Zürich? Or would you prefer location like: Rotterdam, Antwerp or Munich? SKEPP presents you an offer with over 2000 office buildings that houses more than 10.000 office spaces. This means that we have to most elaborate offer in all of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have a suitable office space for every single company.


6 districts

63 offices

309 available office spaces


4 districts

4 offices

24 available office spaces

Or do you want to search an office space in the city below?

Or are you looking for an office space in one of the following cities?

    Find the best city for you to rent office space in:

    Amsterdam - The capital and the largest city of The Netherlands

    Berlin - The capital and the largest city of Germany

    Brussels - The capital of Belgium

    Zürich - The largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich

    Vienna - The federal capital and largest city of Austria

    Rotterdam - The second largest city in The Netherlands

    Hamburg - Most important office location in Northern Germany

    Antwerp - The capital of the province in Flanders, Belgium

    Munich - The capital and the most populated city in the German state of Bavaria

    The Hague - The only big city in The Netherlands with a coastline (of 11 kilometers)

    SKEPP is the nr.1 comparison website for office spaces

    Renting an office space shouldn’t be a hard and time consuming task. You will receive a reaction within 1 work day if you send us an application. This means we are helping you right away with every question you have about office space. SKEPP creates a special profile based on all your wished and needs. This helps us to filter the right flexible work spaces, office rooms and office spaces for you. We discuss the plan of action, answer all your questions and even schedule a tour right away. We can understand the urge you feel to check out your future office.

    Why contact a broker? Comparing office spaces is free!

    The times that we needed brokers to find a suitable office space lies in the past. Seize this free opportunity and use the services SKEPP offers you. Tell us the amount of people you need an office space for and the budget you have per month. Our real estate agents do more than just find the best offices for you. We also answer your questions regarding contracts and their length and give you advice about rental, lease or purchase an office interior design. Every year we help thousands of companies in their search for a new office. Would you like to know how they experience our services? Read their opinions about SKEPP or write your own experience to tell others they should contact SKEPP: Office As A Service.

    Need more than just an office space? Choose Officeplanner for a flexible and stylish office design

    More and more companies choose their office spaces to be fully furnished when they rent, lease or purchase one. Officeplanner gives you they oppertunity to choose between Urban industrial and Urban Scandinavian, with a wide choice of style packages so you always have an office design that suits your company. Both office designs are stylish, trendy, ergonomic and sustainable. In this furnishing package all furniture are tuned in terms of design and styling is attuned to each other. This means you can rent, lease or purchase an office space of over 1000 m2 and still have it delivered fully furnished. Take a look and get excited about the possibilities that Officeplanner has to offer. We will gladly help you to realize your dream office! With the flexible office design of Officeplanner it is possible to easily respond to the growth of your company. Within no time you can scale up your workspaces and even scale down with the rental option. Your office design is already on location within one week! Take a look at the brochure!

    URBAN or CITY. The first is hip, while the second one offers more ergonomic comfort and aims towards corporates. Both URBAN and CITY are prefabricated design concepts in which the furniture is attuned to each other. This means you can rent an office space of over 1000 m2 and still have it delivered fully furnished. Take a look and get excited about the possibilities that Officeplanner has to offer. We will gladly help you to realize your dream office!

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    Are you certain about where you want to rent an office, what your monthly budget is. Do you need more information about multi-tenant building, business centers, office concepts or conventional office spaces? Just contact us or apply to one of our offices. You may also contact us by calling +31 85 888 23 39, sending us an e-mail at

    We help you in your search for the office space you dreamt of! Because SKEPP Office As A Service.

    Read also our free whitepapers about an office room.