Rent office space Dordrecht, Einsteinstraat 67

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  • Internet
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  • KVK-registration
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  • Bus stop Dordrecht, Kiltunnel 39 mins walk (3.1 km)
  • Railway station Dordrecht Zuid 50 mins walk (4.0 km)

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About this office

Office space for rent at the Einsteinstraat (industrial area West)

This office building at the Einsteinstraat in Dordrecht was built in 1994 and has a total surface of 3205 m2. Recently, different companies are renting an office space at this location. Some examples are a legal advisory office and a record company. There are several bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, like a McDonalds and a Van der Valk hotel.

Prices, office Einsteinstraat, Dordrecht

In this office building at the Einsteinstraat in Dordrecht you will have 24/7 accessibility. During office hours, you can make use of the employed reception to ask any questions you have. You can ready your lunch in one of the two pantries and eat it together with your fellow tenants in the lunch area. The offices are being rented out fully equiped and on a turn-key basis. It is always a possibility to furnish your office to your own likings, everything is open for discussion.

Location and reachability, Einsteinstraat, Dordrecht

Are you coming to work on your own? The highway (A16) is only a few minutes away and there is more than enough room to park your car at the building. This means you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot every day. Parking is free around the building and in the streets. Do you prefer travelling by bus? No problem, busses are in direct connection to Dordrecht Central Station.

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Leuke straatnaam ;) Ideale werkplek, voorzien van goede ruimten als een vergaderruimte.

Leuke straatnaam ;) Ideale werkplek, voorzien van goede ruimten als een vergaderruimte.


een ietwat saai kantoorpand, wel prima voor een normale onderneming!

wel fair prijzen

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