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The office from past to present

The office furnishings have changed considerably over time. In this blog, we will tell you everything about the trends of office furniture from past to present.


The correct working posture

Many people often sit at their desks all day long, but a correct working posture is often hard to find for many employees. After a few hours in your office chair you back has started to hurt. Do you have the correct sitting posture? Do you want to know what a correct working posture looks like? We will give you all the information you need in this blog!


Which office decisions should entrepreneurs make?

What do entrepreneurs forget when choosing a new office? We have made an overview of the most important aspects you should take into consideration when making certain office decisions.


The 1.5-meter office

How can you take into account the 1.5 meters at the office? Which solutions should you use? In short: how are we going to transfer the 1.5-meter society to the 1.5-meter office? Read it in this blog!


Top 3 inspiring office spaces in Madrid

In this blog, we will introduce you to 3 amazing office buildings in Madrid. Hopefully, we can make you aware of the possibilities that Madrid has to serve and inspire you to rent office space in Madrid.


What is the effect of the coronavirus on the office market?

The coronavirus asks for necessary adjustments. People need to be patient, have good time management and find the right balance between mental health and productivity. What are the effects of the pandemic on the office market?


How to decorate your office space with style

Do you want to decorate your office space with style? Add some accessories or choose between one of our three styling packages. You will definitely find something that suits your wishes! Find it out in this blog.


Maintaining and taking care of your office furniture: this is how you do it!

The daily use of office furniture does leave its marks. In this blog, we tell you how to maintain office furniture in the best way possible!


Effective virtual meetings with video calling!

Virtual meetings are extremely useful, as long as everything goes according to plan. In this blog, you read 9 tips that help you to meet online successfully.


How do you organize your desk efficiently?

How do you create a clean desk? Furnishing your desk efficiently is a real must for every office space. With these tips, you are able to work with the full focus again!


The top 5 office spaces with a virtual tour in Rotterdam

Find the perfect office space by using our virtual tours! You can virtually walk through the office buildings until you find the office space that perfectly fits your company. In this blog, we will give an overview of the top 5 office spaces with a virtual tour in Rotterdam.


Essential factors for a positive working atmosphere in your office space

As an employer, you play an important role in creating a positive working atmosphere in your office space. In this blog, you read 7 essential factors to ensure this positive atmosphere!