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The road to Officekit (1/4): SKEPP is developing smart products that offers solutions for landlords

SKEPP is bezig met het ontwikkelen van het nieuwe product: Officekit. Dit smart product heeft verschillende hospitaity-faciliteiten en tech-oplossingen die het serviceniveau omhoog gooien. Wat is Officekit en welke voordelen heeft het?


Dutch proptech company SKEPP opens its doors in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain

SKEPP yearly brings thousands of companies in contact with progressive office providers. Now the proptech company will open its doors in the countries of Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain.


Scandinavian office interior design

What are the characteristics of a Scandinavian office design? How do you realize this? When do you choose this style in your office space? We answer all these questions.


Efficient office interior design

Why is the layout of an office important? And which office interior design is most efficient for your office? We'll help you answer all these questions about an efficient design.