Rent office space Enschede, Marssteden 70

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  • Bus stop Enschede, Kopersteden 2 mins walk (0.2 km)
  • Railway station Enschede Kennispark 47 mins walk (3.8 km)
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This is currently available at Marssteden 70 in Enschede

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  • 209

    Space description: 17 m2
    Rental price: 550 € /mo.
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  • 10

    Space description: 29 m2
    Rental price: 550 € /mo.
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  • 105

    Space description: 30 m2
    Rental price: 250 € /mo.
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  • 106. b

    Space description: 34 m2
    Rental price: 550 € /mo.
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  • 106.a

    Space description: 51 m2
    Rental price: 750 € /mo.
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  • 101/102

    Space description: 82 m2
    Rental price: 1.250 € /mo.
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  • 103

    Space description: 84 m2
    Rental price: 950 € /mo.
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About this office

Office space for rent at the Marssteden (Enschede-West)

This office building was built in 1997 and has a total surface of 4000 m2. The companies who are renting here at the moment vary in purpose, for example there is a publicity agency, marketing agency and a clothing company housed here. The office building has good energy efficiency and is up to the set standards regarding this subject.

Prices, office Marssteden, Enschede

At the Marssteden in Enschede you can now rent an office spaces from a surface of 20 m2 up until 87 m2. The cheapest way of renting is a one year contract or longer. The building also houses a meeting room of which you can make use for free.

Marssteden: enough parking space and 24/7 accessibility

Are you tired of looking for a parking space? This building has the solution for you. In front of the building and behind the building there is more than enough parking space available. The building also has a bicycle storage and a spacious entrance with waiting area for visitors. Besides that you will have 24/7 accessibility to the building and your office. The sight on the local nature makes it even more attractive to rent here. The centre of Boekelo is near and here you will find a supermarket, dining café, PostNL and a bakery.

Location and reachability, Marssteden, Enschede

This office building at the Marssteden in Enschede is situated at a business area with good reachability. The highway (A35) is only a 5 minute drive and the nearest bus stop is only a minute away. This bus has direct connection with Enschede Central Station.

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