Rent office space Hasselt, Hendrik van Veldekesingel 150

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  • Bus stop Hasselt Crutzenstraat 4 mins walk (0.3 km)
  • Railway station Hasselt 14 mins walk (1.1 km)
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This is currently available at Hendrik van Veldekesingel 150 in Hasselt

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  • (Flex)desk

    Space description: 2 days a week available
    Rental price: €200 /mo.
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About this office

Rent office space on the Hendrik van Veldekesingel (City Centre)

You can now rent inexpensive office space on Hendrik van Veldekesingel in Hasselt. It is possible to rent a personal office room or work place at this busy intersection and close to the freeway. In addition, the landlord offers you the possibility to work or meet at other locations.


With this landlord you rent an office based on the number of people with whom you share the space and not on the basis of the number of square meters. This also means that you can suppress the costs for yourself by renting an office space with more persons. When you rent alone, it costs you € 750 per month, but starting at two people the price is already € 450 per person. For € 1,725 per month you can already rent a private office unit for 5 persons. This price for an office is based on the number of people that are able to work there, so it is not like you rent a large office for one person and only pay € 750 per month. Call our real estate consultants for more information about the prices and possibilities!

Staffed reception, bistro and working at other locations

The staffed reception at Hendrik van Veldekesingel in Hasselt is one that must quickly be explicitly mentioned. The friendly personnel, often already employed for years, are prentd to help you with all kinds of questions and problems. The telephone is answered for you, messages are passed on and guests are welcomed with open arms. So the staff is the business card of your business. Inside these office premises you will also find a bistro where you can eat deliciously in the afternoon and evening. So should you be later at work sometime, then make sure you go to enjoy a nice meal in the business restaurant. The aforementioned and still even more are of course also present at the other locations of this landlord where you may work and meet without additional costs.

Location and reachability

You don't have to worry about the accessibility of your company at this location, because the joining of the N2 and the R71 results in two major freeways crossing next to the office building. The E34 is only a few kilometers further and enables you to easily get to another location of the landlord and to other cities by car. Connections with the bus and train are excellent, and the station of Hasselt is walking distance from your office space. If you want to go shopping, you are at the right place in town, because you will find a Media Markt and a Primark, among others.

Are you also going to be renting office space on de Hendrik van Veldekesingel soon?

Renting office space on Hendrik van Veldekesingel in Hasselt? Contact us soon to find out about the latest availability! The offices on this location are in great demand, so act quickly and call our real estate consultants to obtain more information. Will we be talking soon?


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Wat een leuke en moderne inrichting!

Ideaal voor jonge ondernemers


Heel vernieuwend kantoorgebouw.

Vooral de inrichting

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