Rent office space Mechelen, Schaliënhoevedreef 20

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  • Printer
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  • Bus stop Mechelen Campus I 2 mins walk (0.2 km)
  • Railway station Station Sint - Katelijne - Waver 46 mins walk (3.8 km)
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This is currently available at Schaliënhoevedreef 20 in Mechelen

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Renting office space on Schaliënhoevedreef in Mechelen

Rent office space at this business park on Schaliënhoevedreef in Mechelen. This is where you rent a private office for your own business at a good price. Joint renting is possible from upwards of 15 m2. This landlord considers it no more than logical that the rent doesn't have a minimum period, so you won't be entering into any long-term commitments.


An office space of your own on Schaliënhoevedreef in Mechelen North doesn't need to come at a top price. It is possible to rent a 12 m2 office unit of your own at a monthly rent price of € 675. If you'd rather have a large office, you can rent up to 27 m2 at a monthly rent price of € 1,450. It comes with a large number of additional services, including utilities.

Multilingual telephone answering service and daily cleaning of offices

An office space in Mechelen on Schaliënhoevedreef is within reach. You'll be renting at the Mechelen Campus, home to many businesses, giving you the opportunity to expand your network. Moreover, you'll make use of high-quality services, such as: multilingual telephone answering service, daily cleaning of offices, furnished offices, use of conference rooms free of charge and a professional reception desk.

Location and reachability

This office building that still has office space up for rent, is situated at the Campus on Schaliënhoevedreef in Mechelen North. Being close to the E19, a motorway connecting Brussels and Antwerp, means the Brussels and Antwerp airports, as well as the port of Antwerp, have excellent accessibility. Due to the central location in Belgium, Mechelen is an ideal place to work from. There is a park within walking distance.

Will you be renting office space on Schaliënhoevedreef soon?

Would you like to rent office space on Schaliënhoevedreef in Mechelen? Are you excited and would you like to experience the atmosphere in this office building? You can! Contact SKEPP and arrange for a tour. It is free of charge and there are no strings attached. Who knows, you may be having an office of your own in Mechelen soon!


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