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Are you looking for an office space in the capital of Germany? At SKEPP you can compare different working spaces and offices very easily. You can filter our offer by price, rating and style. You will receive a suitable offer and customized rent proposal. Find your ideal working space or office in Berlin.

Popular office locations in Berlin

Rent office space: Berlin City Centre
Rent office space: Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Rent office space: Berlin Pankow
Rent office space: Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Rent office space: Berlin Spandau

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Find the right office location in Berlin

When you are looking for an office space you will have to do this step by step. SKEPP will guide you through these steps. The most important thing is that you find the best suitable location. You know you want to rent in the Start-up capital of Germany but you need to pick the right district. It is a good thing that you think it through where exactly in Berlin you want to rent your new working space or office. Are you looking for a location close to the City Centre, close to the highway or close to places where you can travel by public transport? A great deal of your decision depends on the way you and your colleagues travel to work. Choose the right type of office: (1) flexible working space, (2) an office space, (3) a bigger office floor. Do you need to know what the differences are? No problem, just gather the information at SKEPP!

Work in Berlin

Have you found the ideal office location in Berlin for you or your company? For instance in Berlin City Centre, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg or Pankow? Or maybe you like Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf or Spandau better? And have you chosen between a working space or an office space? The next things you should determine are the contract duration, the price you are willing to pay, facilities you need and if you want a furnished or unfurnished workplace. You can discuss these matters with the real estate agents from SKEPP and this is completely free and without any obligations. We will write down your wishes and demands and contact several landlords. You will receive more information from us and we will schedule a tour for you to see the offices while drinking a cup of coffee. That is how we find the office of your dreams in Berlin.

Become our next happy tenant

SKEPP supports you as a potential tenant and you won’t have to pay anything nor have any obligations. But if you don’t have to pay us, who does? We have agreements with all our office locations. They will pay us a fee for every successful deal, so we are incentivized to help you as good as possible. Let us search for the office of your dreams in Berlin, together! SKEPP knows what is best.

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