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SKEPP provides you a great opportunity to save on your monthly rent instead of paying traditional high brokerage fees.

Want to rent an office space in Duisburg?

Are you looking for an office in the heart of the Rhein-Ruhr region? Then you should look in Duisburg, former cultural capital of Europe, to find your new workplace. We will help you wherever we can to assure you find your office at a great industrial location in Germany. Rent against a good price and flexible terms at SKEPP.

Popular office locations in Duisburg

Rent office space – Duisburg City Centre
Rent office space – Duisburg Rheinhausen
Rent office space – Duisburg Hamborn
Rent office space – Duisburg Meiderich/Beeck
Rent office space – Duisburg South

For rent at SKEPP:

1.    Virtual offices
2.    Flexible working spaces
3.    Fixed working spaces
4.    Office spaces
5.    Office floors

Which office type are you looking for?

Everything starts with the question: what type of workplace do I need for me or my company? When you work alone and travel a lot, a flexible working space is perhaps the best option. If you have a company with several employees, an office space or an entire office floor may offer a solution. It doesn’t matter what you need, SKEPP helps you to realize it!

What is the perfect location for you in Duisburg?

Besides picking the right office type, you should also look into the benefits a good office location offers you. In Duisburg City Centre or Rheinhausen we have some modern and nice offices to offer. Office buildings in Hamborn, Meiderich/Beeck or South are also possible if you wish so. At SKEPP you will always find your suitable workplace. Besides the biggest inland port in the world, Duisburg has a great (rail)road net with a lot of direct connections to big highways like the A3, A40 and A59. A lot of the big cities like Essen, Dortmund and Düsseldorf are very close and also the airport is not far away.

Renting at SKEPP is very easy

After determining the ideal office type and location, we will speak about the services and facilities you will need in your future office. For instance, high-speed internet, 24/7 accessibility and a restaurant are options that are very popular. The real estate agents at SKEPP will always help you professionally. Just call us and send us all your needs and wishes so that we can come back to you within one working day and present you a list of the possible offices. When you have a good feeling about one or more office buildings, then we will schedule a tour for you so you can see it with your own eyes. Only when it suits you of course. You won’t have any costs because or service is completely free and without obligations. This is possible because we have agreements with all our office locations. Find your dream office without any problems at SKEPP!

We also have offices in Essen, Dortmund and Düsseldorf to rent out. You can check our website whenever it suits you!

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