Want to rent an office space in Frankfurt?

So you are looking for a working place in the biggest city of Hessen? You should rent at SKEPP! At SKEPP you will be able to find inspiring working spaces or spacious offices for the best price. For you the service of SKEPP is completely free and without any obligations.

Popular office locations in Frankfurt

Rent office space – Frankfurt Bockenheim
Rent office space – Frankfurt Gallus
Rent office space – Frankfurt Sachsenhausen-North
Rent office space – Frankfurt Nordend-West
Rent office space – Frankfurt Bornheim

For rent at SKEPP:

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Are you looking for a suitable working space or office space in Frankfurt?

Whether you are looking for a new office for yourself or if you are commissioned by your company, SKEPP is the first company you should call! You will find everything from a working space to an office space and entire office floor. Besides picking the right office type, the location is also very important. In Frankfurt you can choose from multiple locations like Frankfurt Bockenheim, Gallus or Sachsenhausen-North. Or better in Nordend-West or Bornheim? Frankfurt in one of the most important junctions in international traffic. Frankfurt has the third biggest airport in Europe. The train station of Frankfurt is also an important one in Germany and the highways A3 and A5 are well reachable.

How do we find the ideal working space, office or office floor for you in Frankfurt?

When you are sure where you want to settle and how much room you need, we will speak about your other wishes. What services and facilities do your need? Do you want a reception to welcome your guests? Are you looking for a furnished office or maybe you want to bring your own furniture? Are your colleagues travelling to work by public transport or do you need parking spaces because they are taking the car. What style fits your best? All your needs and wishes will be discussed over the phone or via mail. This way we can help you to find the best suitable offices as quickly as possible.  

Why should you choose for office spaces in Frankfurt at SKEPP?

We analyse your needs and wishes and offer you the workplaces that suit you best based on that. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to search dozens of office buildings. Do you need information about the current prices? You will receive these prices from us and they are provided by the landlords of our locations. Our way of working is unique in Germany. For who do we do this? For you of course! Our service is completely free for you because we have agreements with the landlords of our office buildings.

Is Frankfurt not the right city for you? Then you should definitely check our offices in Munich, Cologne or Berlin.


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SKEPP provides you a great opportunity to save on your monthly rent instead of paying traditional high brokerage fees.

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