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SKEPP provides you a great opportunity to save on your monthly rent instead of paying traditional high brokerage fees.

Want to rent an office space in {{ City.Title }}?

Do you want to be sure that you get the best rental price for your new working space in Haarlem? You will discover the best rental prices of office spaces, office locations, coworking areas and working spaces with SKEPP. React to different office buildings for free!

Popular office buildings in Haarlem:

  • Prinsen Bolwerk, Haarlem - office space for rent of 345 m2 at a monthly price of €7500;
  • A. Hofmanweg, Haarlem - (flexible) working spaces available starting at €75,- per month;
  • Richard Holkade, Haarlem - office space for rent from 26 m2 to 38 m2 starting at €354,- per month;
  • Wilhelminastraat, Haarlem - office space for rent of 129 m2 at a monthly price of €1774.

Determine how much office space you need

Finding a suitable office space in Haarlem seems so easy because there are quite some offers, but we noticed that the wide range of office spaces is often a point of struggle for a lot of rent candidates. A working method is thinning the list based on your requirements. First, determine how many people have to work at your new location, or what your desired amount of square meters is. With this information, it is easier to choose between a working space, an open office space or a closed office space. These first considerations will help you make a solid first step towards finding your new office space.

Rent office space in Haarlem, near the motorway, the train station or in the city center?

How do you and your employees travel to their work? With public transport, by car, or do they take their bike? If you want to invite customers, how do they reach your office building? Do you need your own parking spot? Is it acceptable that guests have to walk for a while in order to reach your office space? These are examples of questions that you can ask yourself to help you determine the best location for the office building to rent office space in. After determining the type of office space and its location, you have already done a major part in selecting the right office space.

The role of SKEPP, we will help you find the most suitable office space for you, for free!

Besides the location and office type, you may have some other requirements. We will also help you with fulfilling these requirements. Contact us if you are looking for one or even more suitable office spaces. We can analyze your requirements and give you some options. In this way, we want to give you the opportunity to compare 3 to 5 office buildings. How can we deliver this service? We have agreements about the fees with all our office locations. This ensures that you can enjoy your office space for the best price. 

We do not only offer office spaces in Haarlem but also in other cities like The Hague, Almere, and Hoofddorp. Consider taking a look at one of those cities. Good luck with your search for the perfect office space in, for instance, Haarlem!

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