Looking for an office space in Rotterdam?

Looking for an office space or working space in Rotterdam?Then choose to rent at SKEPP. Renting by us means a low rental price for an inspiring working space or large office room. There also custom office spaces for rent! SKEPP is at home at office.

Popular office locations in Rotterdam:

Rotterdam Alexander
Rotterdam Brainpark
Rotterdam Centrum

For rent at SKEPP:

  1. A virtual office – from €49,- p.m.
  2. Flexible working space – from 99,- p.m.
  3. Personal working space – from 149,- p.m.
  4. Office room – from €249,- p.m.
  5. Office space €749,- p.m.

How do you search for a suitable office space or working space in Rotterdam?

If you are looking for your (own) company for a suitable office, you are at the right place. SKEPP offers working spaces for the starting freelancer, office rooms for the small and medium-sized enterprises, and  a custom office space for the multinational. It all starts by choosing the right office type; a working space, an office room or an custom office space. We have available office at many different locations in Rotterdam, for example in the city centre and Rotterdam Airport. But also in Alexander, the Scheepvaartkwatier and Brainpark. Your search for office space starts by choosing the ‘office type’ and  ‘the location in Rotterdam’.

How do we find suitable office space for you?

After you determined where your new office has to be, and how much space you need, we will list your requirements. Which services will be useful for your company. Do you want a shared reception desk? Are you looking for a furnished office space, or do you arrange your own furniture? Do your employees/colleagues travel by public transport, or by car, requiring parking space? What should the appearance of the building be? We will discuss all these indicators with, so we can make a neat selection of suitable office spaces. This will be done by an email or a phone call.

Why do you choose an office space of SKEPP in Rotterdam?

Due to our analysis, we offer you a overview which will contain 3 to 5 office spaces that suits your company. Now you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of office spaces on a lot of different sites. Current price information will be presented to you by the landlord. Our system in searching and finding office space is unique in the Netherlands. For who are we doing this you may ask yourself. For you of course. We can provide this service for free, because we have agreements with our own locations.

Not sure if Rotterdam is your place to be? Then consider taking a look at our current office offer in Dordrecht, Gouda or Schiedam.


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SKEPP provides you a great opportunity to save on your monthly rent instead of paying traditional high brokerage fees.

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