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You are looking for an office space, office room or (flex) workplace. Maybe you already know exactly which office type or office style suits you. But with renting an office comes a lot more. Maybe you have questions about the rent or the lease contracts. That's why you should always read the necessary information when you want to rent an office space or workplace. Below you can download our selected magazines and whitepapers for free. Enjoy reading!

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International business expansion

This guide will help you get started with expanding your business internationally

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The difference in rental prices of office spaces in Amsterdam

The guide that will make you familiar with the rental prices used by landlords in various districts in Amsterdam

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Officeplanner Brochure in English

Flexibly rent, lease or buy office design furniture that SKEPP will deliver within 1 week at your office, while you focus on your core business

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IFRS 16 and the real estate context

Changes to the lease accounting standard

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This way you benefit from VAT-taxed rent for office space

Saving office space as a tenant by paying taxes

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How to save on the costs of an office space

Simple saving tips for every company and entrepeneur

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