Officeplanner: the flexible office designer

Durable, ergonomic and design furniture in your office

Officeplanner is an inspiring design concept that will provide the furniture of choice on location within 1 week. The transport, assembly and coordination is handled by SKEPP, you focus your company on your core business. Officeplanner features a large degree of flexibility, with a click of a button your ergonomic furniture is easily ‘reordered’ or ‘scaled down’. Ideal for example, if you are looking for an office space on project base and don’t want to invest in furniture. Activity based work is a hip environment with high quality furniture!

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At the moment 50 companies profit of Officeplanners flexibility. Will you follow with your business?

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Choose the right style for your office space

Officeplanner has an URBAN and CITY style

A fitting office design for every type of company, this is why Officeplanner exists of two unique styles. See the features below for style, compare and judge which style fits your company best. Ask for a non-committal quotation.

Civic and minimalistic
Prices start at €40,- p.p.p.m.
Quality Materials Sturdy, high quality and slightly robust
Colour and light Attractive materials, clear lines with a lot of light
Type of office design Industrial and inspiring
The style is... ‘Atmospheric without being too shoddy’
Warm colours
Prices start at €80,- p.p.p.m.
Quality Materials Soft and comfortable
Colour and light Warm wood colours supplemented by extra care for colour and material
Type of office design Contemporary and corporate
The style is... ‘International in all facets’

Personal office design for each company

Go for an office design that feels like home

Renate Kemna Artdirector Officeplanner
“As Artdirector Officeplanner I unburden all design proposals for companies of every shape and size in every branch. I deliver a free custom design proposal for all organisations, where I look at the type of company, the wishes and the needs. Finally I add a personal touch. You are at the office more than you are at home, you want to feel at home at the office.”

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Kantoor inrichten met Officeplanner

Jij richt je op je core business, terwijl SKEPP jouw inrichting oplevert

Binnen 1 week huur je een flexibele kantoorinrichting met duurzaam en ergonomisch meubilair, volgens een vaste prijs per maand. Dit doe je in een inspirerende omgeving met alles waaraan je behoefte hebt op kantoor. Activity based werken in een hippe omgeving!

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Kim NiehoffReal estate agent

  • Flexibele design inrichting
  • Geen investeringskosten
  • Duurzaam, ergonomisch meubilair
  • SKEPP transporteert en monteert
  • Binnen 1 week inrichting op locatie
  • Meubilair simpel opschalen/krimpen

The elements of a perfect office design summed up

A perfect office design, who doesn’t want one? A design that grows with your organisation, causes a healthy work environment, stylefull, ambient and besides all this eco friendly. How do you realise this? SKEPP will sum up elements for a perfect office design.

Choose a flexible office design that grows with your company

When you provide your office building with a flexible interior design you as an organization are future-oriented. Why? A flexible office design results in an easy and adaptable solution that can fit your organizations all and any needs. Have you recruited a new talent, then it’s ideal when your office space can easily create a new workspace in a short period of time. Or for example when you work on project base and you temporarily need an office and want to scale down the amount of workspaces.

An ergonomic office design for a healthy and productive work environment

With the interior design of your office space it’s not only the needs of your organisation that are important, your employees wishes also play a role. This is why you can’t ignore providing them with a healthy work environment, which gives you as a company the benefit of more productivity. It’s no wonder that ergonomic office design is becoming more important in recent years. This will not change in years to come. Keep and ergonomic design in mind whilst determining your office design.

Stylish, eco friendly and cost saving with a durable office design

In addition to ergonomics, durability is also an important office design trend. Office spaces have to be eco friendly and be able to last a great amount of time. This can be achieved with a durable office design. Durable furniture lasts longer and saves you money in the long run. Besides, eco friendly interiors are very stylish nowadays! In the end with a durable office design you contribute to a better eco system, you save money and have a representative office space.

Design your office space according to the latest office design trends

Finally the perfect office interior has a stylish design. Think of a design interior, a modern office design or an industrial office design with Scandinavian elements. Choose a style that fits you best and portrays your companies standards.

Have your office design done for you and enjoy a design that fits your company

All the elements of an ideal office design come together in Officeplanner by SKEPP. When you let us design your office space, flexibility is the number one priority. Not only for your employees but for you as a fast growing organisation. You pay per workspace and within just one week you will have extra workspaces that are also very ergonomic. Besides, we find durability very important. All our furniture is durable and eco friendly. Every requirement is met, for example a space for relaxation, concentration, privacy or a space for a creative brainstorm session. This way your employees will feel at home at the office.

URBAN or CITY in your Office space?

Subsequently you have a choice between the different office design styles. Do you prefer a sturdy and robust design? Then you can choose URBAN for an industrial office design. Rather a professional look? Then choose the modern office design CITY has to offer. For every company a perfect office design with Officeplanner!