Nice to meet you! We are a young company with roots in Twente and know the office market like no other. We inspire our customers with our clear vision. Together, we realize the ideal, flexible office design. We are convinced that your office design should be able to adapt to the changing needs of your company. We aim for complete unburdening and are your ‘partner in crime’, not only for now, but also in the coming years.

From one office chair, to the entire office design; we take care of it, you decide!

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Directly shop your office furniture, quick and easy

Do you know what you are looking for and do you have your shopping list at hand? Go directly to our webshop and find the perfect office furniture for you. Choose your furniture, choose your favourite colours, and determine the style of your office design. Simply, translate your company DNA into the desired end result. You are the one in control!

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Get started with the design tool and set up your office space

Ready for a new office design? Then you should get started with this user-friendly design tool. Because when it comes to the needs of your office space, who would know better than you? Upload your floor plan or pick one of the 300+ example office furnishings and start working. Choose your office furniture, design your office space and order the desired furniture. Make an unforgettable first impression with your office!

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Let our experts make a tailor-made plan for your office space

Do you have an amazing office space, but no idea what the best way is to furnish it? Then our team of experts is there for you. We know as well as anyone else that first impressions are important. An inspiring office design that corresponds to your company vision will ensure a killer first impression. In addition, it will stimulate team morale and improve productivity. That sounds like a win-win to me.

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The SKEPP vision

Office buildings are static objects, which is one of the reasons why office furnishings often have a dusty and conventional character. That is actually quite strange! The rapidly changing world around us requires a flexible layout of the office. Think of up- and downscaling workplaces, the need for more meeting rooms or a room for brainstorming with your new scrum team. An office building does not immediately change with your needs, but your office design should! With SKEPP we know how to respond to this with flexible elements. What can you expect in a flexible office? Great meeting- and phone boxes, room dividers and smart acoustic elements.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Purchase forms & ordering
    • Can I also purchase office furniture without having found office space through SKEPP?
      • Good news! Purchasing office furniture from SKEPP is possible in any situation.

    • Can the office furnishings also be purchased by operators/landlords?
      • Yes, SKEPP would like to get in touch with operators and landlords in order to provide them with a custom-made furnishing!

    • What are the methods of payment?
      • At SKEPP, office furniture can be purchased in three ways: in the form of rent (no property, can be cancelled monthly), rent-to-own (property after an agreed period, possible from a rental period of 12 months or longer) or purchase (direct ownership). It is also possible to make use of several methods of payment at the same time.

    • Can I switch from a rental agreement to simply purchasing the items?
      • It is possible to switch from a rental agreement to simply purchasing the items. This can be done as a whole but also partially. Contact us to ask about the possibilities via +31 85 8882339 or info@skepp.com.

    • What is the minimum rental period?
      • The minimum rental period is 1 month. Perfect for example for a temporary project!

  • Warranty & delivery
    • What should I do if the furniture is damaged?
      • Contact SKEPP by calling +31 85 8882339 or by emailing info@skepp.com. We can be reached from 08.00 to 21.00 hrs on Monday through Thursday and on Friday we can be reached from 08.00 to 18.00 hrs.

    • When will the furniture be delivered?
      • Because we value being able to deliver in a timely manner, SKEPP strives to deliver your order within 1 week! The actual delivery takes place on a date that is decided together with the customer. Items that are not in stock might take slightly longer and have a maximum delivery time of only 8 weeks.

    • Will the items be placed/unpacked/installed by the deliverers or will they only be delivered on location (as stated in the furnishing proposal)?
      • SKEPP will take care of and is responsible for the delivery and the setup of the furniture at location, as stated in the furnishing proposal, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    • Can I also check out the furniture before purchasing it?
      • That is definitely possible! Come and have a look at one of the Officeplanner locations and see our products in real life. To do so, please contact SKEPP via +31 85 8882339 or info@skepp.com.

  • General
    • How can I order via the SKEPP webshop?
      • Ordering office equipment can be done conveniently and fast through SKEPP’s webshop. Select the desired products, choose your delivery time and fill in the necessary details. SKEPP take care of the rest!

    • To what extent are the products sustainable?
      • SKEPP offers high-quality furniture at competitive prices. SKEPP cooperates with sustainable design brands and offers products that have been developed for long-term use. The aim of the products is to get a second life as a recycled product. The products developed by SKEPP include recycled acoustic PET felt and recycled car tyres. All furniture, such as the SKEPP Meetingbox, is reusable and can easily be relocated without creating additional waste.

    • What is meant by styling costs?
      • SKEPP offers 3 styling packages for the ‘finishing touch’ of your office interior: Cosy, Vintage and Botanic. The Botanic package includes, for example, beautiful plants that will be placed in your office! In the brochure ‘SKEPP Botanic’ you can find more information about the possibilities. Please contact SKEPP via +31 85 8882339 or info@skepp.com to receive the digital SKEPP Botanic brochure by email.