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Step 1: Choose your desired office interior
Step 2: Delivery and assembly by SKEPP
Step 3: Get to work!

Your organisation grows, changes, and may even switch to a different office space. An organisation is constantly subject to change. Officeplanner fits in seamlessly with its flexible products and the possibility of scaling up and scaling down furniture on a monthly basis

Unprecedented flexibility with SKEPP products


Movable meeting unit and/or closed office

Skepp meetingbox

A meeting box that can also be used as a closed office. This multifunctional box is easy to assemble and disassemble and can easily be placed in another part of the office. Available in 4 different sizes (XS, S, M and XL) and also equipped with the right lighting, acoustics, excellent ventilation and a lockable door.

Color blank Steel / Wood
Heigth 237 cm (ca. 257 cm incl. fans)
Width 251 cm
Length XS (130 cm) S (262 cm) M (387 cm) XL (502 cm)
Material Steel, sound insulating wood, acoustic felt
Formats XS, S, M and XL
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Functional phonebooth with lighting


The Phonebooth is characterised by its trendy appearance. The Phonebooth's sound-absorbing design means that your colleagues will not bother you while you are on the phone. It is equipped with acoustically recycled PET felt and LED lighting. It can also be used as a secluded workplace.

Depth 80 cm
Heigth 193 cm
Width 120 cm
Height worktop 75 cm
Material Melamine, natural oak
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Multifunctional steel cabinet


This steel cabinet consists of several towers and shelves that are easy to move around, and it can be connected by placing several cabinets next to each other. With the Roomdivider you can create a trendy partition between certain spaces in your office. The Roomdivider is available in 4 different types and can be expanded with a PET felt whiteboard or back wall.

Color Natural oak of dark Oak
Heigth 230 cm
Width S (200 cm) M (360 cm)
Depth 39 cm
MateMaterial Steel, melamine
Format S, M
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Steel sideboard that can be combined with the Roomdivider

Dressoir zwart eiken

The sideboard consists of 2 shelves in melamine. This product is available in 3 different types, and it is possible to add a PET-Felt acoustic back wall as well. The sideboard can excellently be combined with the Roomdivider.

Color Steel / Dark oak
Height 89 cm
Width 200 cm
Depth 39 cm
Material Staal, melamine
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No investment(s) in advance or direct ownership?
You decide!

After the initial rental period has ended, you can purchase the furniture or simply purchase it right away; with Officeplanner you can determine the payment method yourself.


  • Stay flexible
  • Upscaling and downscaling on a monthly basis
  • Damaged furniture gets replaced right away
  • Can be canceled monthly up to 1000m2


  • No up-front investment
  • Pay off in 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
  • 2 year warranty
  • Owner after payment


  • Become the owner right away
  • No periodic obligations
  • 2 year warranty
  • Partial purchase and rent(purchase) possible

Would you like more information about Officeplanner?

Officeplanner brochure

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From the different designs and styling packages to the products and benefits of Activity Based working; in the brochure you will find all the ins and outs about Officeplanner. If you need more information, download this brochure and get answers to all your questions!

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These parties are already benefiting from Officeplanner

Softline Group

Dennis Montanje Managing Director
In SKEPP, we have found a partner that is able to support us continuously in the optimization of our office space. Due to the flexible services, this support is not only once but continuous. The employees of SKEPP always make time to creatively think with you and they remain involved during the entire process. The delivered products are of good quality and particularly appreciated by its users.
Office with Officeplanner

Rabobank Almelo

Maico Klaas Rabobank Almelo
Maico Klaas Service manager Rabobank Noord West Twente
SKEPP has shown that you can visualize and develop a strong idea with Officeplanner, especially when it comes to the flexible deployment of office buildings. Moreover, Officeplanner offers a solution when you are stuck, uninspired or are having doubts about the lay-out of an office space. Officeplanner makes the possibilities within an office space visible and tangible for all involved.
Office with Officeplanner

Holland Startup

Robbert Jan Hanse Founder & CEO
SKEPP’s Officeplanner tool was the perfect solution for the interior design of our office. Furthermore, the designer (Anneloes Rouwers, red.) helped us to furnish the floor plan which made the important difference for us. If you want to realize an office space with furniture and you need safety in terms of delivery time and suitability to new ways of working you have to choose SKEPP.
Office with Officeplanner

City Hub

Rinse van der Woude Chief Innovation Officer
We were looking for a partner who thinks proactively and delivers exactly what we need. I see that SKEPP grows, ventures and, just like CityHub, equips a conservative market with new solutions through an own up-to-date and determined vision. In the middle of our ever-changing society those initiatives make the difference. I really enjoy experiencing this.

The Webmen B.V.

Jeroen Olthof Company owner
We chose SKEPP, because of their progressiveness and because they dare to do things differently. These are characteristics that suit us. The concept attracted us and their drive to make progress surprised us. They have more than met their promises and thrive to make progress day after day. Feedback is taken into account to make their services better as well. Next to all of the things I’ve mentioned, they are a bunch of nice guys as well! We have not experienced one moment of regret about our choice.

Questions about your online design? Plan a free screen-sharing session

Did you start with virtually furnishing your office space and are you struggling to figure out how it works exactly? No problem, plan a screen-sharing session with our Personal Designer Anneloes and get answers to all your questions!

Personal Designer Officeplanner
Anneloes Rouwers Personal Designer

Frequently asked questions

Do these options contain your question about Officeplanner?

  • Purchase forms & ordering
    • Can I also purchase office furniture without having found office space through SKEPP?
      • Good news! Purchasing office furniture from SKEPP is possible in any situation.

    • Can the office furnishings also be purchased by operators/landlords?
      • Yes, SKEPP would like to get in touch with operators and landlords in order to provide them with a custom-made furnishing!

    • What are the methods of payment?
      • At SKEPP, office furniture can be purchased in three ways: in the form of rent (no property, can be cancelled monthly), rent-to-own (property after an agreed period, possible from a rental period of 12 months or longer) or purchase (direct ownership). It is also possible to make use of several methods of payment at the same time.

    • Can I switch from a rental agreement to simply purchasing the items?
      • It is possible to switch from a rental agreement to simply purchasing the items. This can be done as a whole but also partially. Contact us to ask about the possibilities via +31 85 8882339 or

    • What is the minimum rental period?
      • The minimum rental period is 1 month. Perfect for example for a temporary project!

  • Warranty & delivery
    • What should I do if the furniture is damaged?
      • Contact SKEPP by calling +31 85 8882339 or by emailing We can be reached from 08.00 to 21.00 hrs on Monday through Thursday and on Friday we can be reached from 08.00 to 18.00 hrs.

    • When will the furniture be delivered?
      • Because we value being able to deliver in a timely manner, SKEPP strives to deliver your order within 1 week! The actual delivery takes place on a date that is decided together with the customer. Items that are not in stock might take slightly longer and have a maximum delivery time of only 8 weeks.

    • Will the items be placed/unpacked/installed by the deliverers or will they only be delivered on location (as stated in the furnishing proposal)?
      • SKEPP will take care of and is responsible for the delivery and the setup of the furniture at location, as stated in the furnishing proposal, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    • Can I also check out the furniture before purchasing it?
      • That is definitely possible! Come and have a look at one of the Officeplanner locations and see our products in real life. To do so, please contact SKEPP via +31 85 8882339 or

  • General
    • How do I set up a virtual office space with Officeplanner?
      • Select a unit, click on 'Furnish', drag and drop furniture into your floor plan and choose the price type that suits you the best. Satisfied with your proposal? Click on 'In shopping basket' to place the products in your shopping basket, after which you can easily order them.

    • How can I order via the SKEPP webshop?
      • Ordering office equipment can be done conveniently and fast through SKEPP’s webshop. Select the desired products, choose your delivery time and fill in the necessary details. SKEPP take care of the rest!

    • To what extent are the products sustainable?
      • SKEPP offers high-quality furniture at competitive prices. SKEPP cooperates with sustainable design brands and offers products that have been developed for long-term use. The aim of the products is to get a second life as a recycled product. The products developed by SKEPP include recycled acoustic PET felt and recycled car tyres. All furniture, such as the SKEPP Meetingbox, is reusable and can easily be relocated without creating additional waste.

    • What is meant by styling costs?
      • SKEPP offers 3 styling packages for the ‘finishing touch’ of your office interior: Cosy, Vintage and Botanic. The Botanic package includes, for example, beautiful plants that will be placed in your office! In the brochure ‘SKEPP Botanic’ you can find more information about the possibilities. Please contact SKEPP via +31 85 8882339 or to receive the digital SKEPP Botanic brochure by email.