How to decorate your office space with style

  • By Leonie Schabbink
  • Friday, May 22, 2020

Have you been working in the same office space endlessly? Change up the decorations within your office space from time to time. Even small changes can help you boost your motivation. In addition, you will get new sources of inspiration by changing your environment. Read on to find out how you can add new decorations to your office space! 

You can boost your office furnishings in various ways. You could add small accessories to create an entirely different atmosphere in the office space. Moreover, you could also choose to match your entire interior to the same theme. To determine what you want to do, you first have to think about a few aspects. 

Which points should you take into account?

First of all, what is your budget? In addition to setting a realistic budget, it is also important to determine how much time it may take and who will carry it out. Once you have determined this, you can continue to think about what the changes should look like. When changing your office space, you can choose different styles.

The style of your office also influences the image someone gets of your company. When your office space is neat and has a homely feeling, it is likely that a customer feels more comfortable than in an office with clutter everywhere and without any atmosphere. Therefore, you should carefully think about the image you want your company to project. We will give you some inspiration about which styles you could use.

The different styling packages

At SKEPP, we offer three different styling packages. One of the styles can give your office space a more old-fashioned or antique atmosphere. Another style will bring the outdoors inside your office, while the last style will give your office space a homely feeling. Since they are all very different styles, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste.

After you have chosen which style you want, you should decide on the size of the package. We offer style packages in size M and L. The main difference between the two sizes can be found in the number of decorations that are included in each package. The type of decorations that are included also differs between the two sizes. You can base the choice of style package on the image of your company and the size of your office space.

Stylingpackage Vintage: 

With the Vintage style package, you can easily personalize your office space. Give your office a vintage look with these eye-catchers made of wood, steel, glass, or concrete! With this style package, you will be able to distinguish your company from other companies. So, give your office space a boost with some vintage looking items. 

Styling package vintagePlace some eye-catchers in your office space!

Stylingpackage Botanic: 

The Botanic style package will turn your office interior into a real urban jungle. Plants help purify the air and will give your office interior a great boost! In addition, plants will give your office space a friendly and homely atmosphere. If your office space is mainly white, then you can add some color by placing some beautiful plants. 

Styling package botanicPlants will boost your energy as well as your office interior.

Stylingpackage Cosy:

With the Cosy style package, you ensure a warm and cosy feeling throughout your office design. All products are made of soft materials and light wood in earthy tones. Turn your office into a stylish workplace with this style package! With this style package, every customer will immediately feel welcome at your company.

Styling package cozy2Create a homely and friendly atmosphere in your office space.

A small adjustment more suitable?

Instead of creating a completely matching office space, you can also decide to only add one or two small accessories. If you prefer the latter, you can use various objects such as plants, lamps, and pillows as decoration. It might also be interesting to change the atmosphere of your office space by playing with different colors and shapes, or by using lighting in a creative way.

Start redecorating your office space today!

Do you want to decorate your office space in a stylistic way? Then apply our tips! If you would like more information about the style package or further options for decorating your office space, please contact our real estate experts. They will be happy to help you with any questions about stylishly decorating your rented office space.

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