Officelisting, Officemanager and Officeplanner

You focus on your core business while enjoying the unburdening

At SKEPP we offer various products to relieve you as owner/operator: Officelisting, Officemanager and Officeplanner. With Officelisting your office offer is placed on our comparison website for free. With Officemanager you hand over your financial and administrative work to us, while you keep an insight in our well-organized Officemanager Dashboard. With Officeplanner we deliver not only a tenant, but also the interior. The advantage is that you do not have to invest in furniture. In addition, SKEPP arranges the transport, assembly and any damage.


  • Listing
  • Webtext
  • Photography
  • Live availability
  • No cure, no pay
  • Advertisement

"We will start finding tenants right away"


  • Rental offers
  • Contracts
  • An invoice for deposits
  • Invoicing towards tenants
  • Payment reminders
  • Debt collection

"We will manage your contracts and invoicing"


  • Flexible interior design
  • Durable, ergnomic furniture
  • No investment
  • Transport and assembly by SKEPP
  • SKEPP takes care of any damage

"We deliver a tenant and the office interior design"

Landlords about SKEPP

Always well reachable, hands on, always help where they can, thorough knowledge of the (real estate) market and thereby very pleasant contact!

Offices For You

Our experience with SKEPP is that they send through good leads to our buildings. The leads are a good match and a tour often shows that the lead is a valuable one. For this reason Merin gladly receives the leads provided by SKEPP. Besides this SKEPP is a company that thinks a long well about the possibilities for the customer. Before they send a lead through they have often already thought of a suitable office building to offer them. They go to great lengths to achieve the right goal where in our opinion both landlord as tenant can profit from. Besides, the information we receive from SKEPP is correct and portrays the search question of the tenant very well.

Daan van der Veen -

So far we have been pleased with all the help and assistance by SKEPP. Everyone is very friendly and service driven! Good that you research this as a company.

TSH Collab (The Student Hotel)

Pleasant and involved people that always go the extra mile.


Deliver very good and pure leads and keep on top of the business. Very pleased and through SKEPP have rented out many spaces.

Floris van Kuijeren -

Good. SKEPP is capable, attentive, quick and friendly. I have a good relationship with all the brokers.

Lex van Ingen -

Always very pleasant contact, thorough knowledge of the market, very venturous and actively follow through.

Eva van der Loop -
Offices For You

Super staff that we can work with very well.

Jerrel -
Already 800+ owners/operators lease via SKEPP! Contact us


Rent out your offices fast and only pay when its successful!

Do you have any empty office spaces that you want to rent out as fast as possible? List your office buildings on the SKEPP website for free. You will only pay a fee when we successfully rent out one of your offices (10% of first years rent for office spaces and 15% of the entire contract length for work spaces). SKEPP will take care of the listing, photography, up-to-date availability and will wright you a SEO friendly text, no charge! What are you waiting for?

Interest increase

More tenants through SKEPP

We’ll immediately start listing your office buildings. How? We’ll make sure your office building(s) are easy to find with search engines like Google, by writing a SEO friendly text. We also collect important information such as facilities, services and your current availability with an intake over the phone. This gives us the possibility to be transparent about your listings towards future tenants.


Sign our broker agreement

Our terms and conditions are listed in our broker agreement. In here you’ll find that there is no fee unless your office space(s) or work space(s) are rented out through us. Untill then, SKEPP will carry all costs. We will start the entire process when you agree with our terms and conditions and sign the broker agreement. It is a good feeling to have everything clear before we get started, isn’t it?


Our photographer will make great pictures

Intake? Check! Broker agreement? Check! The next thing we schedule is an appointment with our photographer. We will take 10 to 15 beautiful pictures. To top it all off, we’ll make a 1 minute video of your office building. The costs? SKEPP will take care of those! We can also make a 3D Virtual Tour that gives potential tenants the possibility to take a digital tour through the building. Therefore saving you time a first tour normally consumes.

Tenant search

Found a new tenant?

Congratulations with your new tenant! Be sure to give us a heads up. This way we know when we can send an invoice for the fee we agreed on. Begin: 10% of first years rent for office spaces and 15% of the entire contract length for work spaces. You will only pay us when we find you a new tenant and when the deal is closed.

Try Officelisting, just as 800+ owners/operators! Contact us

Optional: always in the top results

Who doesn’t want to be found in the top results on a comparison website every single time? Right, everybode does! We give you the opportunity to advertise on our website. You will be shown in the top results on the SKEPP website with your office building(s). This means that potential tenants are more likely to see your offer and this increases your chances on a quick deal. Interested? Contact us at and rent out your available offices in record time.

From €250,- p.m.



We take care of the offers, contracts and invoicing from A to Z

With Officemanager we go one step further, by sending rental offers, drawing up rental contracts and taking care of the invoicing. By digitally generating a personalized rental offer tailored to your needs, provided with your company logo and contact details, the rental candidate can easily sign it from the mailbox. Is that ready? Then the contract is sent to you as operator, owner or landlord for signature. Congratulations with your new tenant!

We then deal with the further administration, such as digitally saving the rental contract and preparing the security deposit invoice and the monthly rental invoices. We send payment reminders and take care of the entire credit management. And you? You keep an easy overview in your own Officemanager Dashboard, where you can view all offers, contracts and invoices. It's so easy, right?




per contract, per month



per contract, per month most chosen



per contract, per month



per contract, per month

Free rental proposals

Number of rental proposals

max. 25 p.m.




Number of contracts





Invoice possibilities

per month

per month

per month


VAT report overview

manual export

auto inbox

auto inbox

auto inbox

Company logo on invoices and proposals

Chamber of Commerce connection

Tablet with SKEPP software

Custom contract template

1x per year

3x per year


Free advertising at

3 months

6 months

1 year

Training for landlords


op locatie

op locatie

Support via mail

Support over the phone

within 3 work days

within 2 work days

within 1 work days

Number of users

3 people

5 people

10 people



It is also possible to make use of our rental offers system. This system lets you send out rental offers really fast, entirely free and without obligations. Does the offer eventually become a contract? Then you will pay the fee according to the package you chose. You can check this above.



You arrange an office space for Officeplanner and we will do the rest!

Officeplanner offers flexibility and ease for tenants, something we attach a lot of value to. We deliver the furniture in which you don’t have to invest as a landlord. Officeplanner offers URBAN of CITY interior design for your new tenant. We also take care of all the financial and administrative hassles. You only have to arrange an office space and SKEPP literally does everything else.


SKEPP delivers you the interior and a tenant

It is proven that your office spaces will rent out even faster with Officeplanner. Potential tenants tend to rent a space faster when it is furnished to their likings.

Asset 4

As a landlord you do not invest in furniture

As a landlord you do not have to invest in the furniture, we do that. In addition, SKEPP takes care of transport and assembly. Damage to the furniture? We arrange the repair.

Asset 9

The additional benefits of Officeplanner

The Officeplanner space and the rest of the building we bring into view through a 3D Virtual Tour. In addition, the space also gets a lot of attention on social media. Cool, right?

Rent office space faster and not invest in furniture? Contact us

3D Virtual Tour

Do you also want the ultimate experience for your office building(s)? Go for a 3D Virtual Tour by SKEPP! On this page you will be able to find an example of the 3D Virtual Tour made for our Officeplanner. Would you rather check this on your smartphone in 3D? Let us know and we will send you a pair of 3D glasses. This way you’ll really be able to see what activity based working in an industrial environment is.


Frequently asked questions

  • Officelisting
    • I would like to list my office offer(s) on the SKEPP site, how does this work?
      • Fantastic that SKEPP is your choice! We have years of experience at SKEPP as a broker. We have the possibility to promote your office building(s) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We helped 3000 companies to find their new office space last year only. We are specialized in renting out office space via search engines, social media and mailings. An all online company. Sign our broker agreement and send us the needed information for you building(s). You will only pay us when we found you a tenant and if they sign a contract with you! Inform about the possibilities via

    • As the buildings owner, am I connected to SKEPP for a longer period of time?
      • We understand that you’ll want flexibility. We won’t ask for exclusivity as traditional brokers still do. We think it’s strange to ask for a commitment from your side whilst we still haven’t booked any successes. As soon as you sign the broker agreement, we will start working on a ‘No cure, no pay’ basis to find tenants. All we ask is that you’ll leave your offer on our website for at least 6 months, because we also invest time into writing a SEO optimal text and send a photographer.

    • How do I list my offer on the website of SKEPP?
      • That’s easy, we’ll do it for you! Just deliver us information about your building like; (1) prices, (2) offices with their sizes or work spaces, (3) facilities etc. Our writers will directly start writing attractive and effective SEO content. Moreover, they will fill in the availability and schedule an appointment for the photographer to come by your office building(s). Already presenting your building(s) in Virtual Reality? SKEPP is ahead of the real estate market when it comes to VR technology. Quickly sign up via

  • Officemanager
    • Do I still have insight in all the data and documents once I sign up for Officemanager?
      • SKEPP is aiming to make this market more transparent. Our landlord portal has all the contracts, key contracts, terms and conditions, deposit- and rental invoices at your disposal. Just log on and check everything out. Your VAT overview is also saved in this portal and you can even see what the (rent) potential of your office building(s) is. You can determine who can access the portal and who can’t.

    • Which Officemanager package is the best one for me?
      • This greatly depends on how much people should be able to access the landlord portal and how quick you and your tenants want their questions to be answered. Are you using your own template for contracts? Then we’d recommend the Premium Officemanager package. Would you like to receive an answer to your question within 2 work days for you and your tenants? Then the Exclusive Officemanager package is a better choice. The Enterprise package offers you endless possibilities, total alleviation and always an answer within 1 work day. Finally it is important to know that every package gives you the right to, for a certain period of time, advertise for free! This can deliver you quite a lot of extra tenants. Contact our Finance department over the phone or mail us at

    • What if a tenant doesn’t pay his bills?
      • We totally understand that this always is a tricky situation. Luckily at SKEPP, we’re always there for you. We will send 2 payment reminders, followed by a third and last one in which we state that we are going to transfer it through to a collection agency. Costs will be in expense of the tenant.

    • Do I need to transfer all of my contracts to SKEPP?
      • If you want the administration to work as perfect as possible, that's the way to go. Our digital systems are faster and more precise than human hands could ever be. You will still have a clear view of all your data and documents. Over a 100 landlords are letting us handle their complete administration and we think that says it all. Do you want to start a little bit more careful? Not a problem, it’s possible to let SKEPP generate future proposals and contracts. This means that you can get used to this digital transformation. Do you have any more detailed questions? Contact our Finance department or mail SKEPP at

    • Who will be responsible for the right content in the contract?
      • The contracts will be set up according to the ROZ rental agreement for office spaces 2015. This means we use the standard set by the Real Estate Council. Internally, SKEPP handles with the 'Four Eyes' principle. This means that there are always two experts that take a look at a new contract. SKEPP will not be responsible for any mistakes and/or incompletions in the contracts, because SKEPP is not a party in this legal agreement between landlord and tenant.

  • Officeplanner
    • I found a tenant who wants Officeplanner, what do I do next?
      • Because Officeplanner is a flexible and durable interior design concept in which furniture is shared instead of owned, it’s a very popular product for tenants. No wonder that prospects start asking about Officeplanner. Bringing your own tenants is not a disadvantage for you as a landlord, because SKEPP won’t charge the usual fee. It won’t necessarily earn you more money, but your office space rents out quicker. One thing is certain, it is not costing you any (extra) money. We will arrange the proposal, the contract and deliver a proposal for the interior design towards the prospect (without any obligations). We like to make hay when the sun’s out, so call our Sales Department or ask them for more information via

    • Is every office space suitable for Officeplanner?
      • No, not every office space is suitable for Officeplanner. Your office should be at least 100m2. The ceiling in the office needs to be, at least, 2,60 meters high. We prefer the ceiling to be at least 2,80 to 3 meters, because of the cocoons. The room has to be fitted out with electricity and WiFi. Do you have offices that meets these requirements? Sign up for Officeplanner right away.

    • What happens if a tenant wants to rent a bigger Officeplanner space?
      • First of all, congratulations with the expansion of your tenant! We love to make a new interior design proposal. A new contract contains the right amount of work spaces (article about delivery & services), an update of the Officeplanner furniture and the new price for the tenant. What if it is the other way around and a tenant wants a smaller room? Contact SKEPP and we’ll take care of it, that is real flexibility and the will to make our customers happy.

    • What are the tenants options regarding Officeplanner furniture?
      • The tenant will first make a choice for one of the Officeplanner styles. If they want a cool and creative style, they will pick URBAN and if they want a more corporate style they will go for CITY. These styles have their own furniture to choose from and tenants can easily create their own office interior design. Are they having trouble? Just give us a sign and our Interior Specialists will provide the right advice.

    • Can I see a live Officeplanner location?
      • We have an Officeplanner demo location at de Limiet 13-15 in Vianen. We will gladly show you around in this URBAN (1 of the Officeplanner styles) office space. You’ll get a look and feel about what Officeplanner is all about and you’ll see the options a potential tentant has. Your schedule doesn’t allow a trip to Vianen? Just take a look at our 3D VR Tour of URBAN Vianen.

    • Who will legally be the landlord, me or SKEPP?
      • The furniture will be owned by SKEPP, but the contract says that you will legally be the landlord. SKEPP won’t be a party in the contract, because it will only be signed by you and the tenant. However, you will still have a separate Officeplanner Partnership Agreement with SKEPP, in which the obligations are recorded. The biggest advantage? You are owning the space and will legally be the landlord, but you won’t have to invest a single dime in the furniture and office design.

Is your question not listed here? Let us know! Contact us