Rent your building out for free with SKEPP

SKEPP also creates free designs for your potential tenants and/or can create plans for upgrading your building.

What does SKEPP do?

SKEPP works together with you to rent out workplaces, office rooms and office spaces. SKEPP provides your office supply with an online identity which is easy to find for your potential tenants. When we find a potential tenant, SKEPP will build a website for free, containing a customised furnishing plan. This plan is always accompanied by a turn-key quotation. SKEPP also likes to create and build plans for upgrading your office.

More viewings through a smart online profile!

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More previews due to smart online profiling!
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A unique way to present your property(s). It's good for your online image which has a positive effect on potential renters.
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SKEPP gathers all potential renters information. This way you only receive leads with a crystal clear question.
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Eventually you'll make a deal and then you'll be all in control. In short: an effective collaboration between both parties.
3D Preview Presentation Video Photography

3D Preview

Do you want to improve your online presence on SKEPP? It's a good way to generate more leads and to get more tenants for your office buildings. The 3D virtual tour from SKEPP is an excellent way to give visitors more insight of what your building is all about.

Cost: €1000,- à €1500,- per office building

Presentation Video

A second way to give your office buildings some extra attention is by adding presentation videos. SKEPP has great equipment to film your office buildings, including drones. This way visitors can get a unique experience watching your property.

Cost: €250,- per office building.


A third way to make your office buildings really stand out, is to let SKEPP take pictures from your property. A picture says more than a thousand words. Our visitors pay more attention to a building that has clean, fresh and updated pictures.

Cost: €50,- per office building