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Why you persuade prospects with Officeplanner!

And you also benefit as an operator or investor

  • Rent, rent-purchase or purchase the complete package
  • The design tool as a widget on your website has proven to increase conversion
  • A screen sharing session to illustrate the use of Officeplanner
  • Receive a kickback fee when tenants choose for Officeplanner furniture
Kas Bruinsma Kas Bruinsma 1st Broker & Research Manager LinkedIn

These parties benefit from the flexibility of Officeplanner

And thus, respond perfectly to the wishes and requirements in terms of flexible working environment

Very nice, especially the communication. Mindspace's experience is that SKEPP is a good mediator who comes up with creative solutions and as such ensures that an agreement is reached.


In my opinion SKEPP is one of the few great companies in this market. Where many online brokers make an attempt, there are only a few who are really succeeding and who come up with leads that you can really benefit from. Superb.

Freek Oversloot, Workspot

Pleasant cooperation. Very fast and convenient way to come in contact with potential clients.

Daaro Rotterdam

Super staff that we can work with very well.

Jerrel, Tribes

Always very pleasant contact, thorough knowledge of the market, very venturous and actively follow through.

Eva van der Loop, Offices For You

Great. SKEPP is capable, attentive, quick and friendly. I have a good relationship with all the brokers.

Lex van Ingen, Merin

Deliver very good and pure leads and keep on top of the business. Very pleased and through SKEPP have rented out many spaces.

Floris van Kuijeren, M2Move

Pleasant and involved people that always go the extra mile.


So far we have been pleased with all the help and assistance by SKEPP. Everyone is very friendly and service driven! Good that you really research these things as a company.

TSH Collab (The Student Hotel)

Our experience with SKEPP is that they send us good leads for our buildings. The leads are a great match and a viewing often shows that the incoming lead is a valuable one. For this reason, Merin gladly receives the leads provided by SKEPP.

Daan van der Veen, Merin

Always easy to reach, a hands-on approach, always help where they can, extensive knowledge of the (real estate) market and as such a very pleasant contact!

Offices For You

Let prospects easily design the office space virtually and increase the number of conversions by 30%

With this tool, prospects get a better idea of the size of the office space

You naturally want to maximize the chance of renting out. How? You send us a map of your office and we design a “trial office” which we share with you during a screen sharing session. During a viewing with prospects, you just grab your iPad and quickly let them design the office space with our online tool, accessible via

The design proposal gives the prospect a quick insight in the possibilities of the office space. This stimulates rental, since the conversion rate has proven to increase (by 30%). And further? We arrange the transport and assembly of the furniture, so that the new tenant can enjoy his new office and furnishings in no time.

Implement Officeplanner on your website and receive a kickback fee in case of success

Place a widget, speed up the rental and receive a fee when Officeplanner furniture gets purchased

In addition to being able to access our design tool from, you are also able to implement it as a widget on your website. The advantage that you have all your office buildings and office spaces in one overview and you can easily switch places during tours with prospects. Furnish it with Officeplanner furniture and the prospect can immediately see whether the room(s) meet their wishes and requirements. In addition, sign a kickback agreement with us, so that you will receive a kickback fee if a tenant purchases Officeplanner from us. The ideal win-win situation, right?

Rent your office space quickly with Officelisting

Let your portfolio of office spaces, with Officelisting, be placed for free on the site of SKEPP



Freely placed your property? We immediately start looking for suitable tenants through (online) marketing techniques. No cure no pay!


Frequently asked questions about Officeplanner

Do you have a question? Check below to see if you can find an answer!

  • Officeplanner
    • A tenant of mine would like to use Officeplanner, what should I do?
      • Very simple, just introduce the online Officeplanner tool to the tenant! This allows the tenant to furnish the office building really quick. The tool can be accessed via, but it can also be implemented as a widget on your website. The advantages of a virtual design is that the tenant has insight into the possibilities of a specific office space in no time. This speeds up the rental. With Officeplanner, the tenant has the choice between the payment options rent, hire-purchase or buy. An additional advantage is that we are responsible for transport and assembly. If it cannot be done with a virtual design, our Spatial Designer is ready to help you out!

    • I doubt if my office spaces are suitable for Officeplanner, how can I figure it out?
      • You do not have to figure this out, because Officeplanner can be applied in (almost) all office spaces. Why? The furniture is not permanently connected to the building. The furniture is easy to move, without damaging the building. With the SKEPP Meetingbox, it is good to realize that the ceiling must have a height of at least 2.60 meters. Besides, the room must be occupied with WiFi and electricity. Is this an answer to your question? Then quickly contact SKEPP ( to discuss the possibilities of Officeplanner.

    • What can I do best if a tenant wants to rent a larger (Officeplanner) space?
      • First of all, congratulations on the planned expansion of one of your tenants! The best solution is that we create a new design proposal and provide you with a new lease contract (including the number of workplaces, an up-to-date overview of Officeplanner furniture under delivery & services, and the changed rental prices). And what happens if a tenant wants to decrease the size of their office space? Make sure to contact us and we will look for a solution that fits best with both the tenant and the operator/investor.

    • What are the choices with regard to an Officeplanner facility?
      • The first choice that a tenant has to make is the Officeplanner style for the interior. You can choose between URBAN Scandinavian (a hip and calm look) and URBAN Industrial (a industrial and cool look). THe styles have their own set with furniture. You can complete freedom in choosing the furniture. That is why it is super simple to make a design of an interior for your office space. Is this not an option? Our Spatial Designer is ready to give advice.

    • How can I look forward to a kickback fee in combination with Officeplanner?
      • Firstly, you have to sign a kickback agreement with us. Then, if you make tenants enthusiastic about using Officeplanner, a percentage of the amount that we receive for the Officeplanner furniture will be received by you. This can be in the forms rent, hire-purchase or buy. In the end, it is an extra income for you and there are no risks involved!

    • I would like to take a look at a location where an office design, designed with Officeplanner, can be found. Can this be realized?
      • That is definitely realizable! Feel free to drop by one of the Officeplanner locations and see how these companies are benefiting from the flexibility of the furniture. Contact us to schedule an appointment. You can just call +31 85 8882339 or send an email to

Is your question not listed?