An office is no longer a place where you just do your job, it has become a place of interchanging. With our prefabricated designer furnishing concept officeplanner you'll bring your office into this new era instantly.

C4 furnishing concept

Connect, Conference, CoWork & Concentrate

With our C4 furnishing concept your office will have everything you’ll ever need. C4 exists within four zones, for every task there’s a different zone: there’s one for chitchat, one for meetings / presentations, of course there’s one to work and there’s a zone where you can really find your concentration.


  • Activate
  • Communicate
  • Volatile
  • Informal


  • Presentation
  • Formal sharing
  • Meetings
  • Brainstorming


  • Elaborate
  • Create
  • Capture
  • Execute


  • Withdraw
  • Reflect
  • Inspiration
  • Peace

Officeplanner brings offices to life using C4. But even in these offices the use of this concept will change constantly: not just because of the growth of a company but because of the continuous job shifting on account of automation. Officeplanner has 100% flexibility rate, financially as well as product technical wise, and it will adapt to these changes seamlessly. 

As a tenant you’ll be in possession of your own officemanager. In here you’ll find every renter contract(s), all invoices and all floor plans from your own office space(s). You’ll have the possibility to make adjustments in the set up and even order new furniture with just the push of a button. For big companies there’s also the possibility to shift around with their nationwide outlet. See the possibilities at CLUB.

3D Viewer

Check out our Urban arrangement in Utrecht with this 3D Viewer

With our 3D Viewer you’ll virtually walk trough our URBAN-officespace in Vianen. You’ll see what is like to work in a by SKEPP developed C4-concept. Work activity based in a cool environment!