Offices are no longer just places where you do your job. Offices have turned into places for exchange. With prefabricated designer furnishing concept officeplanner you too will place your organization in this new era instantly.

C4 furnishing concept

Connect, Conference, CoWork & Concentrate

With the C4 furnishing concept you'll have anything you need at the office. Places for informal chat and meetings, presentation rooms, office spaces to work and also places to concentrate. C4 therefore consists of 4 zones, the right space for each task.


  • Activate
  • Communicate
  • Volatile
  • Informal


  • Presentation
  • Formal sharing
  • Meetings
  • Brainstorming


  • Elaborate
  • Create
  • Capture
  • Execute


  • Withdraw
  • Reflect
  • Inspiration
  • Peace

Officeplanner brings offices to life with C4. Even in this offices the use will stay a subject to change: not only from growth of the organization but also because of automation. Officeplanner is 100% flexible, both financially and product technically and it fits these changes like a glove. 

As a tenant you will have your own officemanager with contracts, invoices and floor plans of your own offices. You will have to possibility to change the set up and even order new furniture with the click of a button. Big companies can now easily move around their nationwide capacity. See the possibilities of CLUB as well.