How do you organize your desk efficiently?

  • By Leonie Schabbink
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An efficiently furnished desk is a real must for any office space. We all remember a period in which our office and desk were chaotic. You can no longer concentrate and you do not work that efficiently anymore. Very annoying, right? So how can you keep your tidy desk? In this blog, you can read how to organize your desk efficiently. 

Start at the base 

Are you ready for a tidy and clean workspace? By following this step-by-step plan, you can get back to work on a tidy desk. Who does not want that? 

1. The location of your desk

The first step to making the workplace more efficient is by determining its place. It is important to choose a place where you can concentrate. Preferably, choose a spot by a window where plenty of natural light enters your workspace. This will give you more energy throughout the day. Office spaces that are filled with a lot of light have a stimulating effect. When you can work with full focus, you will be much more efficient. 

2. A touch of color

The use of color is important when you want to create structure in your office. First of all, go for a light base. This gives more peace and ensures less distraction. You can also use this light color in the rest of the office furniture and combine it with other light shades. Another advantage of light colors is that it will make your office space look larger.  

Hoe richt je je bureau efficient inLight colors ensure less distraction.

3. Clean desk policy

In the office, you more often hear about the so-called “clean desk policy”, but what does this policy mean? When using a clean desk policy, you will only have the necessary things on your desk. Do you not need the items when carrying out your work? Then store them in a personal drawer under your desk or in a drawer unit. In this way, you will have a tidy workspace every morning. This will not only make your workplace look more professional, but it will also have a positive effect on your motivation. 

4. Useful accessories

There are many ways in which you can organize your office efficiently. In order to create this, you should take useful accessories into consideration. Start off with a cable basket. This is not only useful for managing the cables of your computer, the display, and the phone, but it also makes the workplace a lot safer - no more accidents by falling over cords - and you immediately reduce the amount of dust in the workplace. In addition, a CPU holder can help to provide a tidy appearance. It hangs just above the ground and, therefore, catches less dust. Tidiness is neat! 

Kantoorinrichting met SKEPPConvenient office accessories provide more overview.

5. Work in the Cloud as much as possible

Every now and then, your desk will be covered with papers. Using many papers is wasteful and increases the chance of documents getting lost. As a solution, you should work in the Cloud more often. In the Cloud, you are well-protected and you can safely store your documents under lock and key. It is not only safer but makes your office space more sustainable as well. Do you still need paper? Then store these papers in your personal drawer. 

6. Bonus: clean up!

An obvious way to efficiently set up the desk is to clean up. You cannot concentrate well with a lot of clutter around you. Clean up the paper, organize the brochures, put all of the loose pens in one place and work with mail trays for more overview. Make sure to clean it up regularly so that you always have a neat desk! 

Efficient bureau begint met opruimenA tidy desk results in a clear mind.

Get started

How do you organize the office efficiently and tidily? How do you ensure that you can work in a clean space? With just a few small tips and actions, you can ensure a tidy and efficiently furnished desk. As a result, you will be less distracted and, therefore, more focused. View our products in Officeplanner for more inspiration and information.   

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