Effective virtual meetings with video calling!

Virtual meetings are extremely useful, as long as everything goes according to plan. In this blog, you read 9 tips that help you to meet online successfully.

Effective virtual meetings with video calling!

Virtual meetings are extremely useful, as long as everything goes according to plan. Nothing is more annoying than stuttering audio, participants who are unreachable, background noises, or a bad connection. In short, online meetings can also lead to a lot of annoyance. To make your online meeting a success, it is recommended to follow a number of basic principles. Do you also want a successful online meeting? Then apply these 9 tips!   

About 10% of our working time consists of having meetings. 

Are you regularly working from home or are you unable to go to the office due to the current circumstances? The emergence of mobile equipment, improved network connectivity, and a growing emphasis on a good work-life balance make it possible to meet remotely more often. Whether you are working from home, on the road, or in a cafe: video conferencing allows you to meet with your colleagues virtually. 

Grote vergaderruimte2Meeting rooms currently look empty and deserted. 

9 tips for video calling

To make the video conference a success, applying some basic principles is very important. Therefore, we have established a list with some tips that contribute positively to a successful online meeting. Just a few small adjustments can make a great improvement. We explain the 9 tips further in this blog, so be sure to use them!   

  • Tip 1: Make sure to be on time
  • Tip 2: Choose a simple tool
  • Tip 3: Do not mix things up
  • Tip 4: Ensure good internet connection
  • Tip 5: Get rid of distractions
  • Tip 6: Be clear in your communication
  • Tip 7: Use screen sharing sessions
  • Tip 8: Dress neatly
  • Tip 9: Choose a suitable location

1 | Make sure to be on time 

Do you want to avoid annoyance with fellow colleagues? Then make sure you have everything at hand before the start of your video call. Waiting for an online meeting is perceived as more disturbing compared to waiting for a colleague in a physical meeting room. Therefore, you should log in on time before the video conference takes place. Are there any problems? Then you can communicate this in time with the relevant people.

Avoid annoying fellow colleagues and be on time!

2 | Choose a simple tool 

For some participants, it may take a lot of time and effort to get everything ready for the video conference. It is wise to use a simple tool that is easy to understand for everyone. With video calling, you often use a link or login code. Send it to all the participants of the video conference in time. After all, good preparation is half of the battle! 

Nicolaas Maesstraat 68 3442Furnish a place at home where you can work efficiently.

3 | Do not mix things up

Speech is silver, silence is gold. Especially when video calling, it is important to let others talk. With many participants, this can be quite a challenge. Is the meeting not going as successful as you had hoped? Then choose a moderator. This may seem a little redundant at first, but it is the ideal solution. Especially when you are video conferencing with many people. The moderator introduces the discussion topics, conducts the video conference, and determines who he or she expects a response from

4 | Ensure good internet connection

A video call requires a good and stable internet connection. If a participant has a bad connection, it will have a negative effect on the video conference. For example, the video or sound can falter or you might be 5 seconds behind in the conversation. A solution might be to turn off the WiFi connection and switch to the 4G network. You could also move your workplace to another spot, where the WiFi connection is stronger. 

A video conference requires a good and stable internet connection

5 | Get rid of distractions

Is there a video conference on the agenda? Make sure to have an organized desk and get all obstacles or items out of the camera’s field of view since this can distract other participants. Another distraction during video calls is background noise. Think of the coffee maker that makes too much noise, crying babies, barking dogs, or other sounds that cause participants to become distracted. 

Nieuwe kerkstraat 26 Amsterdam 12Find a quiet place for your online meetings. 

6 | Be clear in your communication

Online meetings can be difficult. Be clear and radiate self-confidence. In this way, you ensure that you adequately engage your audience and remain involved in the meeting. If everyone makes an effort, meeting points can be dealt with quickly. An online meeting does not have to take up more time than a traditional meeting would. 

7 | Screen sharing sessions 

If you are referring to external data or documents, then make sure that everyone can follow you. Share your screen so that your audience’s attention is directed to what you are highlighting. In this way, you avoid questions such as: “Where have we gone?” and “Wait a minute, I’m looking for the right document.” When you share your screen, confusion is no longer an issue. However, do not forget to turn off your phone notifications to avoid uncomfortable moments. 

Share your screen if you discuss data that is stated in external documents

8 | Dress neatly

Please note that video conferences take place in a formal setting. Adjust your outfit to the video conference setting. Are you a sales representative? Then leave a neat impression by dressing decently. We do not recommend wearing too many colorful items when video calling as this can cause distraction. 

Johan Huizingalaan 763 5047 Adjust your outfit to the setting of the video conference.

9 | Choose a suitable location 

Are you conducting the video conference from home? Some conferences deserve a professional setting. For example, a specially equipped room with high-quality video call equipment is ideal for important video conferences. Especially when you have a meeting with new customers. With a well-equipped home office, you can make video calls in a professional environment.   

Workplace for video conferences

More and more organizations are now resorting to video calling. Employees must be well prepared for this type of meeting. Therefore, apply the above tips for a successful video conference. At SKEPP, we like to help you to set up the ideal home workplace with the right office furniture for your video conferences!

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