Scandinavian office interior design

  • By Laura Loohuis
  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What are the characteristics of a Scandinavian office interior design? How do you create it? When is it the right interior design for your office space? We will answer all these questions for you.

A Scandinavian office interior design is recognized by its minimalistic and simplistic appearance. The colours mainly consist of calm and neutral shades, with a lot of white, light blue and shades of grey for a typical Scandinavian design. A strict linear pattern will form the base of your office and its focus will be the open space. The reason for this is so other attributes in the office space stand out more, for instance: extraordinary furniture or accessories.  

There are two different Scandinavian office interior designs.

Our design has two different styles. The first one is known for its grey colours. It has a very calm feel because of the concrete elements and dark furniture. This interior design has few colours and has a very clean look. The line pattern is very present, while the usage of accessories is very limited. The style is also very easy to combine with industrial elements.

Scandinavian interior designThis Scandinavian office interior designis characterized by gray tones. 

You can recognize the second style because of a light base. That's why natural shades and softer colours are often used besides white. You'll also find wooden elements in this office interior design; wooden tables, chairs, floors and beams to support the ceiling. We sometimes use geometric and graphic prints in this interior design, just to create a real Scandinavian feeling.Scandinavian designNatural tones and materials, combined with pastel colors and sleek lines.

Simplistic, minimalistic, functional and high quality

This is what the Scandinavian office design is all about. It is a simple, yet clean design. The focus lies in its functionality and high quality and that is exactly what the used materials show us. Your office building will have a modern look without having that cold feel to it. There will be no overkill in the use of accessories and furniture, which makes this interior design an efficient office interior design.

Easily furnish your office in a stylish way

Are you questioning which office interior design suits you best? We can help you with our prefabricated furnishing concept called officeplanner. With officeplanner you simply choose one of our styles for your office space. Your office will be decorated in such a way that'll fulfil all of your needs. For more information you can call our real estate at +31 85 877 05 19. Or you can contact us using WhatsApp at +31 6 20 86 79 57, rather send us an e-mail? Mail us at

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