Video | Holland Startup recommends Officeplanner: 'Phenomenal, within 2 days the whole office had been furnished'

Wondering if Officeplanner is the solution for your office? CEO and founder of Holland Startup, Robbert Jan Hanse, has used Officeplanner and reviews the service.

Video | Holland Startup recommends Officeplanner: 'Phenomenal, within 2 days the whole office had been furnished'

The Holland Startup in Utrecht benefits from the flexibility of an office design with Officeplanner. New types of office furniture, such as the SKEPP Roomdividers, form the hotspots of their office space. Robbert Jan Hanse, Founder & CEO, successfully looks back on the recent period in which all matters were swiftly arranged by SKEPP. He also mentioned several unique selling points of Officeplanner, the one-stop shop for the design of your office space.


Why Holland Startup chose for an office layout with Officeplanner

Holland Startup builds companies together with young entrepreneurs. "We recruit young entrepreneurs," says Hanse. The young entrepreneurs initially work in a shared space in order to work out their concepts. Subsequently, investments are made in these concepts, which then results in growth. "Therefore, it is very important to us is that we have a certain amount of flexibility in our office." With this, the Founder & CEO refers to flexibility with regard to the amount of workspaces, in order to accommodate the startups.

 Hanse extensively explains why Officeplanner has been the solution for the layout of his office space.


Design your office with Officeplanner as the solution

The office design with Officeplanner perfectly responded to the flexibility that Hanse desired. Hanse: "Our question was not the furniture itself, but how are we going to furnish our office space?" Consequently, Holland Startup started to virtually furnish the office space using Officeplanner. “Then the personal designer (Anneloes Rouwers, ed.) helped us to properly design the floor plans, which has been the deciding factor. Floorplanner has, therefore, been most the significant aspect of Officeplanner for us. 

Do you want to virtually furnish your office as well? Visit Officeplanner and get started right away!

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Hanse praises the thoroughness of SKEPP, despite the time constraints

It is the third office in five years that the company from Utrecht has set up. Thanks to this experience, Holland Startup was well prepared, which is why the SKEPP experts could directly get to work. "The process included the following steps: you make a drawing, according to which a list of furniture is made followed by a quotation. After signing this quotation, SKEPP will start working on it right away”, Hanse explains.

"The designers and installers of SKEPP created an option so that we could hang our whiteboards on the Roomdividers. These have been seamlessly designed, I think that’s amazing!"

“I was quite worried, because we had found a location relatively late and knew how to furnish an office. Therefore, the deadline was very important to me.” Despite the short timeframe, the deadline was met on the dot, concludes Hanse. “Phenomenal, within a couple of weeks everything was settled and within 2 days our whole office had been furnished. Amazing!”

shared space holland startup

The shared space of Holland Startup, equipped with flexibele Officeplanner-furniture.


This is why an office design, constructed around Activity Based working, creates solutions

Next to fast services of SKEPP, Hanse is also enthusiastic about the efficient ways in which a space is used, and the various functions a certain space has. “We have got workplaces that are designed according to the type of work that is done in that specific area, this is something that SKEPP has done exceedingly well.” Activity Based working in combination with the activities of a company, such as Holland Startup, are a fantastic match.

"Do you want to furnish your office according to the new way of working and are you looking for certainty and convenience? Do you also not want to occupy your precious time looking for furniture? Then you should definitely choose SKEPP!"

The possibility to easily create a presentation room is one of the benefits of the flexibility of Officeplanner and Activity Based working. Perfect for a company such as Holland Startup, as investors regularly visit their office and follow their presentations. “You do not want to rent a separate presentation room or purchase a larger office space. Accordingly, we have now designed our office in a way where we can easily translocate our furniture in order to create a presentation room. A big plus point is that we can use this furniture for a new purpose.” 

loungeruimte kantoorpand utrecht

Is it time for an informal meeting or do you want to work in a more relaxed environment? This lounge area offers various possibilities!


With the SKEPP Roomdividers, Holland Startup can change the layout of their office at any time.

Next to the flexibility of the furniture, the Roomdividers also offer the possibility to change the interior design of your office according to the needs that are apparent in your company at any given time. Hanse referring to the Roomdividers: “It’s amazing! We’ve got eight companies situated in our office, all of which are rapidly growing. Because of the Roomdividers we can easily and conveniently use the same square meters to add a little bit of space to each of their offices.”

Furthermore, Holland Startup had a specific need: “We needed whiteboards. The designers and installers of SKEPP then created an option to hang the whiteboards on the Roomdividers. It looks seamless and well-designed, which I find outstanding!

Want to profit from the benefits of Roomdividers just like Holland Startup? Visit our webshop and order a suitable model for your office design! 

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This is Why Holland Startup recommends Officeplanner for your company

“Why should we recommend Officeplanner?” Hanse asks himself, whereafter he answers: “For me, that’s easy to answer.If you want to set up an office and you want to have certainty about the delivery time, comfort and you do not want to have your hands full with choosing the right furniture and things like that? Then you should definitely choose SKEPP.”

kantoorinrichting kantoor utrecht treinbank roomdivider

On the couch on the right a meeting is taking place, whereas on the left side a separation by one of the praised Roomdividers can be seen.


Directly start working with Officeplanner or get in touch with us first

Do you want to profit from the flexibility and quality of Officeplanner just like Holland Startup and many other organisations? Then virtually design your office space or order furniture at the webshop. Would you like to contact us first and discuss the possibilities? Of course, that is also possible as well! The designers of SKEPP will happily help you and will advise you on all matters regarding the design of your office with Officeplanner.

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