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Office space for rent at the Zeeburgerdijk (Oost)

Do you want to rent office spaces in a durable office building located in the Indische Buurt in the east of Amsterdam? Then you found the right place! You can rent an office space where more energy is obtained than used. It is as sustainable as it will get. Inside this office building, various flexible workplaces and permanent workplaces are available for rent. It is a new, modern office building which is built in 2016. The total user surface of this office building is 120 m2.


You can rent (flexible) workplaces for an attractive price. A flexible workplace will cost €150,- per month, a permanent one will cost €250,-. Both the flexible and permanent workplaces can be rented per month, with a minimum of 1 month. Working this way, you are never obligated to rent for a long time, which is quite nice.

Internet, coffee/tea and meeting rooms

In this office building, you do not only use your own working place, but you do also use a lot of the available services. The most extraordinary service is the test installation of different solar cells on the roof. The obtained energy is used to charge electric cars, but it is also used to power the coffee machines. Isn’t it cool? Besides this, you don’t have to pay for the internet, coffee/tea and the meeting room. A service which you can include is the lunch. For only €3,- a day, you will get a fresh lunch. Moreover, there is a reception which will support you and also the rooms will get cleaned on a regular basis. That is quite a list of services, isn’t it?

Location and reachability

This office building distinguishes itself by its excellent reachability. The closest train station is Amsterdam Muiderpoort. To go to the station, you can walk to a bus stop. The bus stop is 5 minutes walking when you walk out of the front door. Do you prefer to travel by car? Then the A1 and the A10 are the two main highways you can follow. Not only the reachability is sublime, the environment around the building is also quite nice. A various amount of cafes and restaurants are close by. Especially the Javastraat, which is right around the corner. The Javastraat is a hip, lively street with many cafes and restaurants that are very suitable for the Friday afternoon drink.     

Will you soon be renting an office at the Zeeburgerdijk?

In this office building, one thinks it is inspiring and motivating to meet others. You determine when you work, with who you will work and how often you work. Feeling at home yet? Press the button and schedule a tour.

Durable workplaces for rent at the Zeeburgerdijk Zeeburgerdijk 490 Amsterdam Oost Toplocation!

6 reviews Zeeburgerdijk

Leuk groen, milieuvriendelijk kantoor. PAst goed bij deze tijd.

Perfecte locatie en mooie, huiselijke sfeer.

Zeker de moeite waard om hier een kijkje te nmen.

Het voelt helemaal niet als werken in dit kantoorgebouw, zo vet ziet het eruit.

Zo'n leuk pandje dit!

Lekker kleinschalig en hippe omgeving :)



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