Essential factors for a positive working atmosphere in your office space

As an employer, you play an important role in creating a positive working atmosphere in your office space. In this blog, you read 7 essential factors to ensure this positive atmosphere!

Essential factors for a positive working atmosphere in your office space

What is the key to a positive working atmosphere in the office space? It is important for companies that employees feel comfortable in the workplace. The way in which employees interact with each other is essential, but as an employer, you also play an important role in this. In this blog, you will read the 7 essential factors for a positive working atmosphere in your office space.

What does 'a positive working atmosphere' mean? 

Before mentioning the factors that influence the positivity in your work atmosphere, we will start by defining what is meant by a positive working atmosphere. In a positive working atmosphere, employees treat each other in a pleasant, professional and decent manner. In addition to just work-related topics, there should also be room for something more informal. 

In a positive working atmosphere, people treat each other in a professional and decent manner.

There are also a number of advantages to a positive working atmosphere in the office space. With a positive working atmosphere, your employees are more satisfied, creative and innovative in a positive working atmosphere. If it were up to us, every employee should contribute to creating a positive working atmosphere! 

Kantoorruimte Vleutensevaart 100 Utrecht Give employees the possibility to work at several places in the office. 

What can an employer do? 

We just mentioned that you as an employer play an important role in the positivity level of a working atmosphere. Satisfying employees seems easier than it actually is. How are you going to realize this? This blog highlights the most essential elements to promote productivity while creating a positive working atmosphere. 

Start at the beginning: the office furniture 

On average, your employees spend about 40 hours a week behind their desks. It is important to invest in good office furniture when you use it for 8 hours a day. An ergonomic office space prevents your employees from getting back or neck injuries. Do you want the office space completely furnished according to the latest office trends? Choose furniture that allows your employees to alternate between sitting and standing during the day. This will already be a great step in creating a positive working atmosphere. 

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Set high but achievable goals 

As an employer, you should set specific goals for your employees. It is important to avoid setting an unrealistic workload because this can easily demotivate employees and, thereby, creates a negative work atmosphere in the long run. Instead, set high but achievable goals. These goals give your employees a bit of confidence while being challenged to achieve them. This will boost the motivation of your employees and, therefore, stimulate positivity in the working atmosphere. 

Kantoorruimte huren bij SKEPP High but achievable goals motivate your employees.

Invest in your employees

We understand that investing in employees brings risks. It costs money and you risk not getting a return on your investment. However, investing in your employees is necessary to create a positive working atmosphere. Employees will become more positive and most of them are less likely to leave your company. Investing in personnel results in a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. 

Time for a short break

None of your employees can last 8 hours non-stop at their desks. Therefore, as an employer, it is important to offer unconventional workplaces in the office space. Think of a ping pong or tennis table so that employees can clear their minds. In this way, you prevent stress among your employees. An additional benefit is that your employees will be less likely to make mistakes when they are more relaxed. Guaranteed that new ideas will be formed during the ping pong game!

Kantoorruimte huren MaastrichtPlay a game of table tennis to clear your mind during your workday. 

Encourage openness within your company

Another important point is that you ensure employees that their opinion matters and that they are able to tell you everything. Besides, give employees space to work independently. Everything starts with an open working atmosphere, in which every employee can express his or her ideas. This can provide extra input and creativity within your company. In addition, it ensures employees get more pleasure out of their work, they will become more committed to the company and perhaps most importantly: they will feel that they matter. 

The interior design of your office space

Office furniture is not the only essential element, office furnishings can also play an important role in creating a more positive working atmosphere. The perfect interior design in the office space can ensure productivity among employees while preventing misunderstandings and miscommunications. 

If the interior design of the office space is illogical, it can affect the positivity of the working atmosphere. Another office furnishing advice we would like to give you: keep your office structured? Make sure that your employees are not hindered in their work by an overload of stuff. A cluttered atmosphere is not conducive to a positive working atmosphere. 

Kantoorruimte Willem Ruyslaan RotterdamThe right office furnishing is essential for a positive working atmosphere.

Keep your appointments and promises

Nothing is more irritating than not keeping appointments or promises. Organizations that have already come to agreements with their employees from the start are more likely to have a positive working atmosphere. It is therefore advisable to live up to the expectations you give your employees. It is always better to deliver more than promised, rather than coming up short on the made agreements.

Are you an employer who wants to create a positive working atmosphere? 

After reading this blog, you know which factors influence the formation of a positive working atmosphere. It is now up to you, as an employer, to apply this. Are you curious if your office space matches a positive working atmosphere or do you want to start the search for office space? Contact us free of charge and without obligation! We would like to create a positive working atmosphere for your organization with a new office space! 

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