Maintaining and taking care of your office furniture: this is how you do it!

The daily use of office furniture does leave its marks. In this blog, we tell you how to maintain office furniture in the best way possible!

Maintaining and taking care of your office furniture: this is how you do it!

At the end of the day, you wash away the coffee stains on your desk after drinking several much-needed cups of coffee and you wipe off the leftover crumbs from your lunch into the trash. It only takes a few seconds and your office furniture is good to go for the next working day. Furthermore, your office building probably has a cleaning service that cleans the entire office space at least once a week. However, the heavy daily usage can leave its mark on your office furniture. You will start to see scuffs on the office chairs, dust forming in your fancy rug and you may even notice scratches on your desk. In this blog, we tell you how to maintain your office furniture in the best way possible.

Do some major cleaning

The most visible places are often immediately wiped off, such as your desk and the floor. In addition, the cleaning service ensures thorough cleaning of the office furniture once a week. You may think that this is enough, but you have to make sure that the office furniture gets a major cleaning and maintenance check-up once or twice a year. After all, we also like to do a major cleaning in our own homes at least once a year, so why should our office space be left behind? A major cleaning spree is an ideal time to really tackle every nook and cranny of the office space, and make it completely dust-free and shiny.

After a thorough cleaning of your office space, you will feel refreshed and ready for any challenge!

Instead of wiping around computer screens and keyboards, you should clear out the entire desk to give it a thorough cleaning. Moreover, some drawers with things that are never used, old documents and that one lingering scarf that seems to belong to no one anymore, will be cleaned up during a big yearly cleaning. It may take you some time, but you will be rewarded with an organized and clean workspace. After all of your hard work, you will have a fresh and renewed office space for the upcoming (half) year.

Marten Meesweg 25 G Rotterdam 17Make sure the entire desk is cleared of stuff before actually cleaning it. 

Take care of leather office furniture

It may be the most popular part of many office designs: the large leather lounge sofa to relax in during your busy workday. Or maybe you have several beautiful leather conference chairs or luxury leather office chairs. Leather is a very beautiful material, and thus often seen in the office space. An additional benefit of this material is that it is very durable. However, your leather furniture should be properly maintained. You can do this by occasionally wiping the leather sofa or chair with a damp cloth, in order to softly remove build-up dust and dirt. Please make sure that your cloth is not too wet, because that will leave your furniture with stains on the leather.

You should also make sure that your leather office furniture is not placed in the sunniest spot of your office space, as too much exposure to sunlight will make the leather dry out. Even when you strictly adhere to these maintenance measures, your leather furniture may start to look a bit old and dried out at some point. When this happens, it is best to treat it with leather wax. This will give your leather office furniture a boost, helping it last for years!

Maintain wooden furniture

In addition to leather, wood is also a common material in many office spaces. Even though many workplace desks are often not made out of solid wood, we do often see some wooden tables and wooden cabinets within an office interior. In order for this wooden office furniture to maintain its beautiful appearance, it must be well-maintained. You can do this by, for example, regularly treating it with a moisturizing agent. This will keep the wood in pristine condition.

Verlengde poolseweg 38 Breda 19In order for office furniture to retain its beautiful appearance, it must be well-maintained.

In addition, regular maintenance ensures that the wood remains easy to wipe off with a wet cloth. This will help keep the piece of furniture in great condition, which in turn will make it last much longer. If there are stains on the wood that cannot be polished away by hand, you can choose to have the wooden furniture be sanded and oiled again. After that, your piece of furniture will look brand new!

Also, consider your office chairs

Office chairs are an important part of every office space but often overlooked in terms of maintenance. This piece of furniture, together with the desk, falls in the category of most intensively used office furniture. After all, you use your office chair all day long. This makes it highly likely that the chair will start to decline in quality fast. It may happen that nuts or bolts become loose, which could easily lead to dangerous situations.

They are part of every office, but often overlooked in terms of maintenance: office chairs!

To avoid this, you should do a major check-up every now and then. Start by checking all office chairs for loose parts that should be tightened. At the same time, you should check whether all adjustable chair settings still work, so that your colleagues are able to adjust their chair into an ergonomically-sound position. Last but not least: you should also clean the wheels of your office chair. The wheels often collect dust and hair, which causes the chair to move around less smoothly.

Provide a deep cleaning

Certain maintenance aspects of the office furniture cannot be done by your regular cleaning service. Therefore, you should contact a professional company to carry out the specific maintenance aspects. Consider, for example, deep cleaning of your carpets, rugs, or the upholstery of chairs. These items may not seem as dirty at first sight, but cleaning them is really important from time to time.

Verlengde poolseweg 38 Breda 5Although good cleaning also certainly helps, the proper maintenance of the office furniture significantly extends the lifespan. 

However, after years of intensive use, these pieces of furniture have stored much invisible dust and dirt. You will be surprised by the amount of dirt that comes out when these pieces are being cleaned. That is why you should professionally clean your office furniture once every few years. While you might not even have realized it was dirty, the result of such a professional service will surprise you. Such a thorough cleaning will make your office furniture look new again, which will give a boost to your entire office interior. Furthermore, a clean workplace will help to keep you and your colleagues healthy and happy.

Revitalize old office furniture

At some point in time, despite proper maintenance, some pieces of office furniture will be too worn out to be used any longer. However, you should not throw out the furniture right away! Many parts of your old office furniture may still be used to make something new. For example, you could get a new upholstery to make your office furniture look brand new. This sustainable alternative to replacing your furniture is very environmentally-friendly, as old materials and even entire pieces of furniture can last for years, instead of ending up on the waste pile. In addition, it can save you a huge amount of money as you will not have to buy an entirely new piece of furniture, but only have to replace a part of your old pieces.

Well maintained!

As you have seen, even when office furniture is cleaned every week, there is plenty of other maintenance that should not be forgotten. Although good regular cleaning certainly helps, properly maintaining your office furniture can significantly extend its life. Furthermore, proper maintenance of office furniture is good for the environment and your wallet! Even when something really needs to be replaced, a revitalization can still offer a beautiful and sustainable solution. Nevertheless, if you are looking for new office furniture, you can always take a look at our Officeplanner Webshop!

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