What is the effect of the coronavirus on the office market?

The coronavirus asks for necessary adjustments. People need to be patient, have good time management and find the right balance between mental health and productivity. What are the effects of the pandemic on the office market?

What is the effect of the coronavirus on the office market?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) asks for some necessary adjustments. It is a time in which a lot is demanded from employees, for example working from home. It is difficult for many employees to spend so much time in a small space. It requires patience, good time management, mental health, productivity, and the right balance between work and private life. What are the effects of the pandemic on the office market? 

An acceleration in the application of technology 

In the past, opinions regarding working from home were divided. No discussion about this is possible at this time. The technology that makes working from home a lot easier has never been more appreciated than today. Working in the cloud, video calling, working in shared files and other organizational additions are more popular than ever before. The pandemic has accelerated the application of these technologies in business. 

Het effect van corona op kantorenmarktMany employees are working from home.

Forcing the digital environment

The coronavirus ensures that employees are using productivity tools and that teamwork is more crucial than ever. Large companies such as Apple and Google have been using such tools for years to optimize workflows. Many companies had not yet taken that step, but indicate that it still offers a solution during the pandemic. The effect is that current tools are taking refuge due to the crisis. This benefits productivity and communication. Many companies are, therefore, happy with this technology and are expected to continue using it. 

The 1.5-meter office belongs to the new normal

The new normal

The effects of the pandemic on workflow, productivity, and teamwork are already visible. Companies are, therefore, considering to continue this process. Still, the desire to return to the office is enormous. That is why companies have taken measures to realize the 1.5-meter office. The 1.5-meter office belongs to the “new normal”. Returning to the office is a wish of many. Humans are social creatures by nature, so working at an office will always be part of society. 

Working from home vs. going to the office 

Thinking about the occupancy rate plays an important factor in returning to the office. As a result, working from home will remain partly. We will continue to work both in the office and at home in the future. Staff is expected to continue working from home for 1 to 2 days. After all, offices are no longer as crowded as before the coronavirus. More space is needed to ensure the safety and health of your employees. 

Thuiswerken vs. naar kantoor gaan coronavirusOffices are no longer stuffed as much as before the pandemic.

Are business trips a thing of the past?  

The pandemic also affects business trips. It is expected that traveling for business declines in the future. Video calling is already so integrated into society that it offers more advantages compared to traveling for a business meeting. People recognize that video calling is more efficient, which means that a lot of trips can be canceled in the future. 

Will the office continue to exist? 

Many companies will always choose to keep office space. This is not only the desire of employers to regain control over employees, but it is also based on the idea that people need social contacts. The physical office has a great deal of influence on human behavior. The workflow that you feel in the office space, the appearance of the room right down to the technology. This not only influences the behavior of your employees, but also the new standard around the 1.5-meter office results in the behavior of personnel. 

Offices - small offices, shared offices, or a large business center - will also open again with the necessary measures. Do you want to open the doors for your employees again? Ask our real estate consultants, they will provide you with a personal advice report so you can convert your office into a 1.5-meter office. In this way, everyone can get back to work in the office safely! 

The office of the future

Many offices work with “no-touch” technology. This takes into account the setting up of the workplaces, the 1.5-meter distance, cleaning protocols, new standards for reporting sickness, and optimizing the air quality. Many landlords are concerned about this last point. Optimizing air quality requires an investment. That investment is, nevertheless, extremely important to guarantee the health and safety of the personnel. It is expected that air quality monitoring will be implemented in many offices. 

Nieuwe protocollen 1-5 meter kantoorEnsuring the health and safety of employees is crucial.

Keep your distance!

In addition to coordinating the occupancy rate at the office, the feeling of distance is extremely important for employees. Not only to ensure safety but also barriers provide more confidence and compliance with a distance of 1.5 meters. This has the advantage that it prevents contamination. Many companies currently use acoustic screens, plexiglass screens, and implement one-way walkways in the office. 

Aside from taking into account the distance and spread of the personnel, air quality is an important point, as described above. Keeping a distance and the sense of distance is important, but the quality of the air is just as important. Therefore, the flow of fresh air is crucial. Open windows or doors and use climate tools in the office to monitor quality. The virus can spread if the air quality is not optimal.

Togetherness requires creative solutions

Cleaning the shared areas in the office is more important than ever. Think of the spaces such as the canteen, the pantry, the toilet, and the reception area. You can, of course, prevent contamination with appropriate cleaning protocols, but these areas may need to be examined. The common areas also require change, just like the workplaces. Where previously the coffee machine was created to encourage social interaction, it is now a thing of the past. In order to continue to maintain solidarity, you have to get creative as an employer.  

SaamhorigheidBeing together ensures solidarity among employees.

Realize the office of the future 

The 1.5-meter office and the associated measures are already used in many offices. In addition, embracing current technology is a noticeable effect. Not only to communicate with each other but also to boost productivity. It is, therefore, possible for many companies to work from home as well as at the office. The rotating occupancy rate is part of the new normal, making offices indispensable. Offices are seen as a social factor in the lives of employees, but also offers benefits for you as an employer. 

The pandemic has a huge (lasting) impact on business and future offices. When an employer wants to rent office space, he or she has to observe all measures to ensure the safety and health of employees. Curious about the possibilities for the 1.5-meter office? Then ask our real estate experts how you can realize the 1.5-meter office! 

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