Office furniture

Office furniture can be seen as all the furniture that is essential in your office space in order to do your work. Office furniture can be found in different shapes and sizes. It is about finding office furniture that suits your company.

Office furniture

Office furniture is generally understood as all furniture that is essential in an office space to carry out work. With the office furniture that we offer, you have the choice to rent, rent-purchase or purchase your furniture. Furthermore, office furniture can be found in many different shapes and sizes. It is all about finding office furniture that suits your work and your company.

Do you want to know more about all the possibilities in the field of office furniture? Our experts at SKEPP are more than happy to explain everything to you. Are you looking for ergonomic office furniture? Or do you prefer designer office furniture? The choice is yours! Do you already have a fully furnished office space? Then you might be interested in some of the many accessories that will give your office space the finishing touch.

What is the basic office furniture?

Office furniture basics are pieces that should not be missing in any office space, for example, a desk and an office chair. These are essential pieces of furniture for any type of office workplace. Do you have a large office space with multiple employees? Then a conference table should also be present. After all, having a meeting at your desk is far from ideal, especially when you are with a large group.

Do you have a lot of stuff you want to store? Or do you work with important documents that should not be visible to everyone? A filing cabinet offers the perfect solution in these situations! You can safely store all your belongings and documents inside the filing cabinet, as you can lock up the filing cabinet when you leave. An additional benefit is that your desk remains neat and tidy.


Welke kantoormeubelen heb jij op kantoor?

Which office furniture can be found in your office?

Seating furniture should not be missing

When you think of seating furniture in an office space, you will quickly think of an office chair. Indeed, a high-quality office chair should certainly not be missing from your office space. You are often sitting at your desk all day, so you want to be able to sit comfortably and ergonomically. Therefore, it is wise to choose an ergonomic office chair.

The biggest advantage of an ergonomic office chair is that it contributes to an improved sitting posture. You can adjust all parts of these office chairs to your own body and personal preferences. By adjusting all parts of your office chair correctly, you can prevent physical complaints due to bad posture. Do you want to know more about ergonomic office chairs? And what requirements an ergonomic office chair must meet? You can read that in the informative blog below.


Hoe kies je een ergonomische bureaustoel

Other seating furniture that is commonly found in an office space can be armchairs, poufs, stools, and maybe even a cozy lounge sofa. These sofas are ideal in any office space, for example when you want to take a moment to relax or to make a quiet phone call. Is your office space not big enough to fit a sofa? Then you can always go for a relaxing armchair! This will take up less space, but offers you the same comfort as a sofa.

Poufs and stools are a handy solution if you want to join a colleague at their desk to have a quick discussion. You will no longer have to move your entire office chair but you can simply grab a pouf. Besides, poufs and stools are nice accessories to dress up your office space a bit more. As you can see, poufs and stools are not only practical but also look great! This is especially true if you mix and match multiple types of poufs and stools.

Desks are a must

An office space without desks? That is inconceivable. Desks are a must in any office space. After all, you use it to work on it all day. There are several different types of desks to choose from. A particularly popular variation is a sit-stand desk, that you can adjust in height electrically or manually. Sit-stand desks are ideal if you want to change your posture during your workday. Thanks to sit-stand desks, it is no longer necessary to sit all day, but you can also occasionally work while standing up.

Whichever desk you choose, it is important to adjust your desk to the correct height. How exactly do you adjust your desk to the correct height? Read it in our blog about adjusting your desk. Another important point when choosing a desk is the size of your worktop. Sufficient space for all your belongings is important. Therefore, before choosing a desk, you should consider what you want to place on your desk, such as a telephone or multiple screens. Visualizing the layout beforehand makes it easier to figure out how big your desk should be.

Passend zitmeubilair voor jouw kantoorruimte

Seating furniture should not be missing in your office space.

Conference table or standing table, what do you choose?

In addition to desks, you will also often find conference tables or other tables in an office space. Logically, tables can most often be found in larger office spaces with many employees. There are different variants of office tables that you can bring into a room. For example, a conference table is often indispensable for holding meetings with colleagues. It is ideal to have a comfortable space where you can sit with your team to discuss the latest developments.

Do you like to stand up during your lunch break? Or do you prefer to have short consultations while standing up? Then the combination of a bar and standing table will be perfect for you! With this combination, you can vary in posture during the meeting. Standing up instead of sitting down even stimulates your brain, so you can have a more effective meeting. Another great addition to your office space is a side table. Do you want to create a comfy seating area for visitors or employees? Then a side table offers the perfect solution. A side table comes into its element in any waiting room or coffee corner!

Een bar- en statafel ideaal voor korte vergaderingen

Ideal for short meetings in an active position: a bar or standing table!

All things out of sight with filing cabinets

The filing cabinet is a great piece of office furniture with a very practical function. Over the years, you collect many documents, folders, and other items that are important for your work. However, if you leave all that stuff lying around on your desk, it can quickly become a mess. To prevent this, you can choose to add some filing cabinets to your office space. Filing cabinets are available in different variants. For example, you can opt for filing cabinets to safely store important or confidential documents, as they can be locked up with a key.

Another great addition to your desk is adding a drawer unit, a personal drawer, or a locker cabinet to it. This way, you can easily store things that do not need to be on your desk all the time. In a locker cabinet, you can store personal items that you do not always need. By neatly storing away items you do not need, your office space remains neat and organized. Also, the locker cabinet gives a tough touch to your office interior!

Acoustic office furniture for noise reduction

Do you work in an open-plan office space? Then you may experience some nuisance, for example from calling colleagues or many annoying background noises. To reduce these inconveniences, you can place acoustic furniture. Acoustic office furniture lessens disturbing noises by ensuring that the sound is less reflected throughout the office space. In this way, you will experience a significant decrease in noise pollution. Some examples of acoustic furniture include standing screens and desk screens. Moreover, a phonebooth can also offer great possibilities to prevent ambient noise nuisance when on the phone.

Schermwanden dragen bij aan een verbeterde akoestiek

Schermwanden dragen bij aan een verbeterde akoestiek

Accessories complete your office spaces

Accessories also fall into the category of office furniture. By using accessories, you can dress up your office space a bit more. You may want to choose accessories that suit your personal preference or match the style of the company. For example, do you like to include a lot of greenery in the office space? Or do you prefer a warm and cozy decoration? With the help of our unique styling packages, you can completely decorate your office space with beautiful accessories. Office accessories contribute a lot to conveying the right atmosphere, as they create an inspiring workplace and give the office a personal touch. Choose the styling package that suits you!

Ergonomic office furniture

Ergonomic office furniture can also contribute to improved physical health. When we talk about ergonomic office furniture, we refer to furniture that has a positive effect on your working posture and helps you attain a better posture during the workday. An improved working posture will also contribute to increasing productivity, as you will not be distracted by physical complaints. An improved working posture ensures that you are less likely to suffer from back and neck complaints. Another advantage of ergonomic office furniture is therefore also the decrease in absenteeism due to physical complaints.

Ergonomische kantoormeubelen

Is your office furniture ergonomically right?

Adjusting office furniture

Adjusting your office furniture to your own body and preferences is very important, as it will help you adopt the correct working posture. But how can you set up your office furniture in the best possible way? You should choose the right height by trying out what works for you. Sit on your office chair in a good position and then adjust the height of the desk to whatever feels most comfortable. Luckily, all office chairs have adjustable parts.

With an ergonomic office chair, you can adjust the armrests, backrest, and seat in height and depth. You should take some time to adjust the heights of these parts to your preference and attitude. When adjusting the seating, remember to put your feet flat on the floor. Doing this prevents you from setting the seat too low. The armrests must be set at the same height as the top of your desk. Furthermore, you must be able to place your arms loosely on the armrests. The height of your seat may vary between 41 and 55 cm.

Decorate your office space with office furniture

Do you want to furnish your office space with different office furniture? That can be a tough job. Our Officeplanner tool can offer a solution! Officeplanner helps you set up your office space so that you can easily create a space that is not only efficient but also pleasant to work in. You can go in all directions with this great tool!

For more information about Officeplanner, please feel free to contact one of our real estate consultants. You can reach us by telephone on +31 85 888 2339. You can also send an email to Which pieces of office furniture are on your wishlist?

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