Rent office space 1010 Vienna (Center), Graben 19

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  • Mail processing
  • Phone service
  • Free WiFi
  • Elevator
  • Desk
  • Postal address
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Common areas
  • Meeting space
  • Reception desk
  • Internet facilities
  • Pantry
  • 24/7 access
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This is currently available at Graben 19 in 1010 Vienna (Center)

Available (flex)desks
  • (Flex)desk

    Space description: 5 days a week available
    Rental price: €429 /mo.
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Available office rooms
  • Office room

    Space description: 15 m2
    Rental price: €1,290 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 20 m2
    Rental price: €1,720 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 35 m2
    Rental price: €3,010 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 42 m2
    Rental price: €3,612 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 50 m2
    Rental price: €4,300 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 60 m2
    Rental price: €5,160 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 75 m2
    Rental price: €6,450 /mo.
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  • Office room

    Space description: 90 m2
    Rental price: €7,740 /mo.
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Available office spaces
  • Office space

    Space description: 150 m2
    Rental price: €12,900 /mo.
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  • Office space

    Space description: 300 m2
    Rental price: €25,800 /mo.
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About this office

Rent office space at Graben in 1010 Vienna (Center)

Are you looking for office space for rent in Vienna? You might want to consider this fantastic business center in the city center of Vienna when choosing your new workplace. This is the most centrally located office building in the heart of the metropolis. It is located on one of the most famous streets in the Austrian capital and is surrounded by numerous historic squares and sights, which creates a unique ambiance. Renting office space in this attractive building is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the success and reputation of your company. You and your colleagues will come to the office full of anticipation and motivation every day.

Rental prices

You can rent office spaces of various sizes on the 4th and 5th floors at Graben 19. Many respected companies from different industries have already settled in this business center. The offices come equipped with high-quality ergonomic furniture and a modern IT infrastructure installed. In this way, you and your team do not have to waste time moving.

Save unnecessary costs

Perhaps the biggest advantage of renting at Graben 19 in Vienna 1010 is that it is very flexible. You can increase or decrease the amount of office space that you need at any time, which will save you unnecessary costs. Many first-class services are already included in the monthly rental price, which makes it very transparent. This also means that access to the shared kitchen and the comfortable lounge areas are free of charge for you and your team. If you have any questions or run into problems, you can always contact the competent service staff.

Location and accessibility

Your new office space in Vienna could not be more exclusive and prestigious. The property at Graben 19 is surrounded by boutiques and high-quality restaurants, cafés and bars. Your guests can spend an excellent night at the Steigenberger Hotel, which is just a few meters away from your office. There is also a wide selection of cultural sights in the immediate vicinity of your workplace. An example is ‘Der Volksgarten’, which is within walking distance of the office building and is perfect for a relaxing walk during your lunch break.

Would you like to rent office space at Graben in Vienna Center?

Are you impressed by the fantastic location and excellent services provided by this business center at Graben 19? Then register with SKEPP today to plan a guided viewing with one of our real estate consultants. All of our services are completely free and without any obligations for you. You will soon be able to rent your brand new office space with the help of SKEPP!


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