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Rent office space at the Kemperplatz in Berlin (Tiergarten)

At this beautifully designed office building, located in Berlin Tiergarten, you can rent workplaces and offices of various sizes. In addition to the great location, access to the Sony Centre and a fantastic view of the city, you will have the opportunity to generate valuable private and business contacts in no time at all. Renting an office at this business centre will most definitely have a long-lasting impact on your (potential) business partners and guests.

Rental costs

At this business centre, you can rent everything from a (flexible) workplace to your own floor. A flexible workplace (hot desk) will cost you around € 320 per month and a private office for 5 people will be around € 2225. An office for 10 people costs € 4130 and an office for 50 people is € 11,900 per month. The flexibility of the office spaces allows you to rent more or less office space when needed. In addition, many services such as a communal area, coffee & tea or cleaning are already included in the rental price.

Modern business centre with cosy lounges and 24/7 access

You can enter and leave your workplace or office whenever you want, 7 days per week and 24 hours a day. Throughout the week, a contact person is available who will take care of your individual questions and concerns. Cosy lounges and a number of events take place at the business centre and will help you connect with other companies and potential business partners. Wi-FI, furniture and electricity are, of course, included as well.

Location and accessibility

The location of this business centre, located in the Tiergarten district, is perfect. The park “Großer Tiergarten”, is excellent for long walks during the lunch break or after work. In addition, many top restaurants, the Museum of Film and Television and the Berlin Philharmonic are within walking distance. Berlin Central Station can be reached by car, bus and train and is only 10 minutes away and you will be at Tegel Airport in less than 45 minutes. Also, you can safely park your car in the adjacent parking garage

Do you want to rent office space at the Kemperplatz in Berlin Tiergarten?

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