Rent office space Paris 19, 10 Quai de la Charente

  • Mail processing
  • Elevator
  • Phone service
  • Airconditioning
  • Free WiFi
  • Phone area
  • Desk
  • Postal address
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Common areas
  • Cabinet
  • Meeting space
  • Reception desk
  • Internet facilities
  • Pantry
  • 24/7 access
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This is currently available at 10 Quai de la Charente in Paris 19

Available office spaces
  • Office space

    Space description: 35 Persons
    Rental price: €15,400 /mo.
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  • Office space

    Space description: 80 Persons
    Rental price: €47,520 /mo.
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About this office

Rent office space at Quai de la Charente in the 19th arrondissement of Paris

The office spaces for rent at Quai de la Charente 10 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris are located in a modern building with large office spaces. This business center, with floor-to-ceiling windows, is an office building that can provide in the needs of businesses of any size. This location is away from the hectic world of the direct city center, which creates a quiet and pleasant business environment. 

Rental costs    

In this office building at Quai de la Charente 10 in Paris, there are approximately 105 workstations divided over three floors and the basement. The basement consists of 25 workstations that have a monthly rent of €440 per workstation. One of the 80 workstations divided over the three floors can be rented for €594 per month. Besides, it is also possible to rent an entire plateau on one of the floors for €47.520 per month. These prices do not include taxes and maintenance fees. One of our real estate consultants will be happy to provide you a tailored quote. 

Breaks on an amazing spacious rooftop 

Renting office space at Quai de la Charente 10 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris ensures a clam and exotic feeling, since the office building is located on the docks, directly on the canal of Saint-Denis. This business center has a spacious rooftop that is perfect for relaxation during your well deserved breaks, especially on sunny days. Inside, you can notice the decoration inspired by Mad Men. These will give you the impression of the sixties. 

Location and accessibility 

The office spaces for rent at Quai de la Charente 10 have a great location, since you will be on the Paris ring road in no time. Next to the accessibility, the business center also offers great relaxation opportunities in Parc de la Villette. A great place to take a walk during your break or for fun and educational outings during the day and afternoon. Within Parc de la Villette, there are also some lovely restaurants that offer appetizing meals against great prices. Finally, the cultural enthusiasts cannot miss the exhibition of Tutankamun. 

Interested in renting office space on Quai de la Charente in the 19th arrondissement of Paris? 

Before renting office space, we understand that you want to get a good impression of the office building on Quai de la Charente 1 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Therefore, we recommend you to plan a visit via the SKEPP web page. You can also reach one of our real estate agents easily by e-mail or phone, so that all your questions regarding renting office space at Quai de la Charente will be answered. 


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