The 5 benefits of renting office space in Amsterdam

  • By Leonie Schabbink
  • Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Are you interested in office space for rent in Amsterdam? It is a huge investment to locate your business in this city, but you will also get a lot in return. Office space rentals in Amsterdam ensure great accessibility and many possibilities to collaborate with other businesses or students. 

Since it is the capital city of the Netherlands, you will be located in a bustling center that never sleeps. You can enjoy the Friday afternoon drink in one of the several bars or go out for dinner with your business partner in a chic restaurant. Do you want to find out why you should rent office space in Amsterdam? Read the 5 reasons in this blog.

1. Travel easily to your office space by bike

Office space rental in Amsterdam guarantees great accessibility. There are multiple transportation possibilities, such as subways, trams, busses, and trains. Next to public transportation options, Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly large cities in the world. There are good facilities for cyclists such as bike paths, bike racks or even bike parking garages. 

You are also able to travel to your office space by car. Several important motorways in The Netherlands, such as A1, A2 & A10, bring you to Amsterdam. In that case, make sure to arrange a parking spot, since parking costs in Amsterdam can be pretty high. The last means of transport is by airplane, which brings us to the second benefit.

Blog EN 5 benefits amsterdamDo you want your next meeting to take place in this office space at Strawinskylaan 3051?

2. Operating internationally? Rent office space at Schiphol!

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is less than 20 minutes away from Amsterdam Center. This makes it easier for international clients to reach your office space as well. Additionally, it is even possible to rent office space at Schiphol. When you regularly go on business trips or receive business relations in your office space, this location will be the perfect place for your organization. 

Another factor that makes it easier for international clients to visit your office space, is the number of hotels in Amsterdam. In 2018, there were 501 hotels, with a total of almost 35.000 hotel rooms. These hotels are spread out over Amsterdam, which guarantees that international clients are able to find a hotel room close to your office space. 

3. Create useful business relations

When choosing an office space rental in Amsterdam, you are sure to be surrounded by several other companies. Especially when you opt for office space in a business park in, for example, Amsterdam Sloterdijk. In total, there are 125.79 companies in all types of sectors in Amsterdam. Thus, there is a big chance that you will find your business relations in the direct vicinity of your company. 

Having business relations nearby makes collaboration and working together much easier since you do not have to waste time traveling to one another. Additionally, you have a higher chance of learning from each other. This can be in your own sector, but also for several other sectors. When you have a hard time solving a problem or when you are stuck in a project, it can be very useful to have the opportunity to ask others for advice.

Blog EN 5 benefits amsterdam 2 Locate your company in the modern office building at Gustav Mahlerplein 28 & 58-60.

4. Welcome new talents to your company

There are two universities in Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This first university has over 35.000 students. Moreover, many other institutions for higher education can be found in this city. In total, Amsterdam counts over 100.000 students. If you are looking for talents to work for your company after the study, you will definitely be able to find them in this city. 

You will have a good chance to find students when you can offer an internship in, for example, Amsterdam Zuidas. Since students from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are already studying almost next to your office space. During an internship, you are able to teach them a lot, but you will learn a lot from them as well. If the student matches the company, it may just be that you have found a suitable employee for your company. 

5. Plenty to do after office hours

Next to all the business-related benefits, you are also able to take advantage of all the facilities when you are renting office space in Amsterdam. You will never get bored in this city since there is always something to do. Besides many bars and restaurants, you are also able to do some sightseeing in this city. There are several museums, such as Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt Huis museum and NEMO science museum. Other things to do are, for example, visiting the Zoo ARTIS or taking a canal cruise. 

Are you already excited about renting office space in Amsterdam? 

These 5 reasons will definitely show you why renting office space in Amsterdam is worth the investment. Although it costs a lot of money, you can benefit from renting office space here in various ways. Do you want to know more about the availability of office space rentals and the exact prices? Contact us! One of the real estate consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect office space for rent in Amsterdam.

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