Business center

A business center is a more luxurious version of a multi-tenant building. It has a large package of services for its tenants. You rent a completely furnished office. Meeting rooms are available and a receptionist is always present.

What is a business center? Is a business center suitable to locate your company? We will give an answer to these questions. As a result, you will be able to decide whether a business center is the best option for your organization. Read it all in this article!

What is a business center?

A business center is a luxurious way to rent an office for your company. You can expect more services than at a multi-tenant building. For example, receptionist, post-processing, and answering the phone.

A second difference between a business center and a multi-tenant building is that a business center will be delivered furnished. And there are always meeting rooms for rent. At a multi-tenant building, there will not always be a meeting room present. Finally, you can rent flexible workspaces and not just (big) offices.

Which target audience suits a business center?

Is a business center suitable for me? This is a frequently asked question to our real estate consultants. It used to be a disgrace to be housed in a business center, but nowadays it is the most intelligent place for your company. A business center as a new location particularly suits your company if:

  • Your company has max. 25 employees
  • You do not like a 5 years rental agreement
  • You like to make use of services as answering the phone and a manned reception

A big advantage of a business center is, you pay an all-in price and no additional service costs. In short, a clear rental price. A business center is a good way for office rental. A business center has different benefits than a multi-tenant building or office concepts.

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