Difference between serviced offices and managed offices

Serviced offices have all amenities included in the rental price. Managed offices are an empty office space with only the most basic amenities included in the rental price such as a desk and cabinet.

When you are looking for suitable office space for rent you will encounter a lot of new and sometimes unfamiliar terms. Terms such as ‘managed office’ and ‘serviced office’ are two very common terms used on our website. With both managed and serviced offices becoming more popular by the day, we thought it would be useful to fill you in on the exact differences between the two.

Serviced offices

Serviced offices consist out of fully serviced office spaces or individual workplaces. This means that the rent is an all-inclusive price for both renting the office space and all relevant amenities such as cleaning, cabling, power and reception services. These office spaces are usually especially built for this service and include all the needs of modern businesses. Because serviced offices can be rented for any duration of time your business can remain flexible.

The rent is often an all-inclusive price for both renting the office space and all relevant amenities

Managed offices

Managed offices are usually a single vacant space which is rented out by a company or an individual who owns the office space. Unlike serviced offices, managed offices are often not specifically built to be rented out. Because of this, the tenant sometimes has to provide their own furniture or network infrastructure. However, most managed offices include at least very basic amenities such as desks and cabinets. Renting a managed office also results in the tenant having to take care of their own reception, finding suitable meeting rooms and cleaning services.

Managed offices are usually not specifically built to be rented out individually

Finding the right office space is an important factor when it comes to having a successful company. Aside from being at the right location, keeping your monthly costs as low as possible is also very important. In this blog, you can calculate how many square meters of office space you need per person. Calculating the right amount of space you need and thus finding an appropriately sized office space can also help to bring down monthly costs because you are not paying for too much space.

IMG 6094 1Single rooms often have space for multiple workplaces

Which one is the right type of office space for you?

In case you are first starting out or are in need of an office with the lowest monthly costs possible, then a managed office could be something for you. With their relatively low rental price and the freedom to make choices on how to spend your money on amenities, it is easier to keep monthly costs low. However, if you want a worry-free experience and be as flexible as possible then the serviced office could be more suited to your needs. Serviced offices could even include a reception, food and cleaning services. Getting all these extra services often results in the total monthly costs being higher than in a managed office.

Would like us to help you find a suitable office space?

If you are interested in finding an office space that fits your needs, SKEPP offers a wide range of offices in multiple countries. Countries included are the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and France. You can call us on +31 858 88 23 39, we can also be reached by email using info@skepp.com. Contact us today and we will start looking for a suitable office space immediately! We hope that this article explained the difference between serviced offices and managed offices to you.

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