Coworking is working in a shared working environment together with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You are able to share knowledge and skills in a professional coworking community.

The coworking phenomenon has been around since the late 1990s, but what exactly is coworking? And what advantages can coworking offer you and your company? Our real estate consultants at SKEPP are more than happy to inform you about all of the advantages and disadvantages of coworking. Do you want tailor-made advice? Please contact one of the SKEPP real estate consultants to ask about all possibilities related to coworking.

What is coworking?

Coworking entails working in a shared working environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. These like-minded entrepreneurs are all part of the same coworking community, in which knowledge and skills are shared among the group. As you can see, coworking is not just working in the same room, it involves a real community of professionals.

When you decide to engage in coworking as an entrepreneur, you will be removed from your social isolation (which can happen when you work from home for example) and you will benefit from the network of the other professional coworkers. As you become part of the coworking community, you will automatically be invited to social and informal meetings among tenants.

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The benefits of coworking for you

Coworking is the future. In all probability, we will all be working in flex communities as early as 2030. The biggest advantage of coworking, for example, compared to working from home, is that you are able to make the most of the common benefits. You get to be part of a group of entrepreneurs, each with their own specialist knowledge and extensive network. Your fellow entrepreneurs can hold up a mirror to you about your product, but they can also advise you in your ventures. Coworking has proven to give you better results than working from home will ever give you.

Where should you go for coworking?

Business centers and office concepts are the ideal coworking locations. You may think that many business centers only offer office rooms or large custom office spaces for rent, but there are often many coworking spaces to be found in these multi-tenant buildings. View all coworking locations of SKEPP.

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