Office types

When you are looking for a new home base for your company, it is useful to know which of the possible office types you want to involve. For example, do you want a large office space tailored to your needs because you have to move more than 50 people or do you have enough of an office room for 6 people? It is wise to ask yourself this question. If you rent too small, you may be bound by a rental contract for this space which is too small for your company. However, if you rent too much space and you pay too much money. If you are looking for a suitable office space to rent for your sole proprietorship or business with 1 partner, then you may want to opt for a flexible workspace, then the contract terms are often a lot more favourable and, above all, more flexible.

Customized office space

Do you need a customized office space for your company? Then you should look at spaces with a surface of more than 100 m2. You rent this with an office concept when the office style suits you and you do not want to worry about filling in the offices. If you plan to use your own office design on the rented office space, then it is best to rent in a multi-company building. The prices of these large office spaces are usually communicated in the rent per m2 per year, plus any service costs. Within this office space, you often have everything you need at the office. For example, there is often a social heart, meeting room, room for workstations and one or more office rooms, toilets and a kitchenette. You actually create your own community in a building for your company.

Office room

Often the terms office room and office space are used side by side and that is actually correct. However, we describe an office room as an enclosed office space with a surface area smaller than 100 m2. This makes office rooms suitable for up to 15 people. You rent office rooms in business centres, office concepts and multi-company buildings. An office room is a good choice if you need more privacy than a coworking space or if you have to arrange a workplace for several people. Do you not know exactly which size is best for your company? Read more information about the office rooms.

(Flex) workplace

As mentioned, renting a flexible workspace is low-threshold because it is very flexible. It is possible to rent a workplace for a number of hours per week, but you can also rent a full-time workspace if you want to work more often at the office. The rental contract and the lease term can often be terminated on a monthly basis if you want to retain the freedom to cancel your contract. The prices of workplaces for different office concepts and business centres often differ. This is often due to the delivery level and the services offered. A distinction is also made between workplaces and flexible workplaces, where a flexible workplace costs less money but also offers less security. If your space is full, you get the cover on the nose with a flexible subscription.

A virtual office space, how is it useful to me?

Virtual office space is especially useful when there is a considerable distance between the home- and work address. It ensures that employees can do their job wherever they are in the world. They do not always have to be physically present but need to have a business address for their company listing and communication channels, needing, for example, a local telephone number and a postal service. With a virtual office space, you are very flexible, you can enjoy the advantages of a virtual office and it is also a lot cheaper than a traditional office space.

Which office type are you going to rent soon?

Do you have an overall idea of the different office types and do you know which is the most suitable for your company? Amazing, because you give SKEPP the assignment to find the office space that suits you. Even if you need more information about the office types or if you do not yet know what to choose, our real estate consultants will gladly help you further. Call +31 85 - 888 2339 or send an email to


Office types

Serviced offices and managed offices

Serviced offices have all amenities included in the rental price. Managed offices are an empty office space with only the most basic amenities included in the rental price such as a desk and cabinet.

Office types

Office room

An office room is a private enclosed space and better known as an office unit. Office rooms are for rent from 6 square meters up to 100 square meters. Office rooms are usually offered for rent furnished.